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  1. The patch I've been waiting for! <3 Empower passive fix!
  2. I haven't been kicked yet, but I have been asked to leave a couple of times. It made me not want to do public games, so I just do private.
  3. Question: At present the monk Boost Aura feels unsatisfying and lackluster to use. When the monk gets his turn can we expect to see the Boost Aura moved into a better state? Question: Building off the prior question, will we hopefully see the monk item passive Empower fixed in the near future? For any that don't know it has been broken since the wipe and does NOT apply the passive boost to the Boost Aura.
  4. I think adding another tier of difficulty to Free Play would be an amazing idea. I just got my first 50 earlier this morning and I plan on writing out a more in-depth opinion on the leveling experience, but the general feel of it is 35 to 50 is very unsatisfying. Why is that? Be aware that this opinion is based off someone who has done 100% solo farming, never grouping once. There is a gear drop off. By the time you hit 35 you have acquired the best gear you are going to get before hitting 50. At least that was my experience. I started doing Life Root - Hard early on and the gear came easy. Th
  5. While I'm sitting here waiting for the Empower item passive to be fixed. At present you can find it on items but it doesn't do anything. It has been that way since the wipe, and not a word on it.
  6. I'm stuck on the black screen as well. I was playing roughly an hour and a half ago, came back to play some more and found the black screen staring me down.
  7. ** Not mentioned in the latest future hotfix thread.
  8. Posting a reminder for the everyone about a bug that has been around since the wipe and hasn't received as much attention as it rightfully should. As is, the monk item passive Empower does not work in game. What the Empower passive does is it increases the strength of the Boost Aura by xx%. As it is in game it doesn't apply the buff at all resulting in a useless item stat. I've submitted the bug report a couple times and keep hoping each hotfix with be the hotfix to fix the problem. All I'd really like, so I can rest easy that it's on the table to be fixed, is some form of Trendy acknowledgem
  9. *comes in hoping to see good news about the Empower item stat bug* *doesn't see anything about Empower* *weeps softly*
  10. [[4370,users]] (or any other Trendy employee) Is there any news on the monk item passive bug with Empower not applying at all? I would love to see it get fixed!
  11. I'm still waiting to see the hotfix where it says, "Empower now properly applies to Monk Boost aura." That would make my week.
  12. At the moment the fastest means is Betsy on Normal Campaign but that's being changed soon. What I've been doing is just soloing the hardest free-play map I can for loot and experience since, really, it's not too huge of a different from what I can tell. Most maps seem to give around the same experience.
  13. [[59260,users]] Any feedback on the possible fix to the Empower bug Monks have at the moment? I have a thread in the bug report section about it but haven't heard anything about a possible resolution. In short, the Empower item effect is not applying to the monk Boost Aura like it says it does.
  14. Update (8/4/2015)- Empower is still bugged. Checking the other issues.
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