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  1. Let the top % of players determine balancing, not the mass I would just like to react to this by saying that every feedback is important. Even the casual one. I saw many games going down due to their choice to ignore casual players feedback (Heroes of Newerth comes to mind). Where the community shrank to nothing because new player experience is not good. If a lot of players think something is unfair or "op", because they can't see the weakness of it, there's a problem. Maybe the feedback showing the weakness is not important enough. Maybe the feel isn't right. (which also needs change) As
  2. And when you have all things from a lockbox it doesnt drop anymore (or it's replaced with gold). With pets, pets food, pets items, and lockboxes, the inventory is quite a mess to manage.
  3. I was wondering what happened, since if you got an accessory, you can't really get it twice. So I guess the "empty lockbox" isn't really great to open.
  4. What happens if you already have the accessory ? Or does the box guarantee you an accessory you don't have ?
  5. I also did the rush to not miss the accessories. After 2 days, I can say that after the story mode, the "progression" was too slow after lvl 30.
  6. I don't post much because I think you're doing a good job on this free to play model. But here, you overcomplicate the store with consumables. Consumables is a bad idea. It means that what you buy won't "stay". You find a better pet ? Well you lost your money on something you won't use anymore. Lockboxes are already a bit problematic because they drop too much. But the consumable part (key) is transformed into a non consumable part (accessory) Here, you just throw money at something random AND not definitive. Treat thoses premium pets as a skin who can be applied whenever you want (as long as
  7. Because the cost are usually lower in theses countries where income is also smaller than others countries.
  8. Usually, the problem is not "hard or easy", it's "fun or boring". Sky'O'Love was waaaay too boring when it came out. (reminds me the wizardry problem)
  9. 3 wishes : - Less upgrades (20 were great !) - switch speed of the game during waves - change characters costume&skins at the tavern
  10. I agree too. Even if the leveling can be done "fast", it's as enjoyable as wizardry challenge. (=> Not fun, not requiring anything new, it's just useless grind)
  11. If the speed up option is easy to do (I don't know it can also be hard). Then why not gives players the choice ? Solves many problems (maybe) easily.
  12. Stop ruing the name of MMO's FFS. MMO's is what it is. Massively Multiplayer, WHICH THIS GAME IS. MMO does not = 1000 people on one map. MMO means that there is a massive playerbase. Jesus christ people. oO "A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously" Which part can't you understand ?
  13. Local mode is not online mode... But yeah, don't use that, give us the official option.
  14. So you like not knowing if your weapon is good before the full upgrade ? You like grinding that grinding mana "SOLO" is faster than coop in a coop game ? You like that all weapons don't play on their stats at all because upgrades does the whole interest of weapons you drop alone ? You like, as a new player, to not understand if a weapon is good or bad at all because you don't have your excel paper saying if fully upgraded, the weapon will actually be better or worse than the one you already own ?
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