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  1. Thanks Gokupp, We'll be here next week too!
  2. add me, if i see you on when I jump on I will build TD for you! I'll check whenever I log in too. SID: keez http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007894800/
  3. I have run this map about 100 times with 3 afks on NMHC, and have gotten a total of 2 sup armors. I did not get any Ult at all. I ran on insane with 3 afks about 20-30 times also, and got a total of 6 trans. My luck is so bad I get to brag about it! Congrats to others though. :)
  4. Is there a map I can do that would with summoners out that would give me better drops? I've just been KG because it seems to be the easiest/fastest for me to build and I've been told that the drops are just as good as WW. My builders are approximately: health/attack/rate/range monk: 2.4/4.9/2.3/2.3 ev: 4.2/3.8/2.2/2.2 trapper: 2.4/3.8/2.2/2.2 summoner: 3/4.6/2/2 squire: 1.8/4.3/3/1.8 mage: 1.8/4.4/3.1/2 active summoner with 4k flash heal Keep doing KG HCMM survival, and the good stuff drops mostly after wave 25-26.
  5. heh. What I mean is that they can't see me launching/exiting the game. :P Anyways. Congrats to Keez! And... one other person. :P One other person... DISS!
  6. Wow, so after an embarrassing amount of time spent in Eternia, and away from my loved ones, I managed to achieve Ultimate Defender status! This did not, as we know come easily, and I had some help from a lot of cool people, but mainly in the form of a dude named Sgof. Therefore thanks everyone, and Sgof. Anyway, the trophy is finally filling that void in my "tavern". Now onto trying to farm my 1st Ult set :) (or maybe TOL NM)
  7. Didn't really know where to post this so: I wanted to say thanks to Eagle (our host), and all involved in the event for another good time. See you next time!
  8. I forgot to express my thanks after my Reruption run. Thought the event was great. Event host Eagle was very cool. At 1st there was noone in the event group chat room, but Eagle responded quickly to a private msg I sent, and I'd like to say thanks for that. Keep up the great work everyone, I'm looking forward to more good times.
  9. Yes Akatiki can give a fairy as an end reward. I got a 6K (i believe) from there.
  10. Hey, I can give you some good help for a guy your level. I actually just spent a ton of mana, so I can't donate mana directly. I'd be glad to teach a few builds you may benefit from, and give you some trans items to get over the levels 70-80s hump. I'm on often...Add me.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys! The info given shall be used. As of now, my up-and-coming barb is shaping nicely. Still too early to brag though.
  12. Sorry to hit the board with such a newb question, I have no luck with searches here. So, can one of you tell me the order of importance for a barb armor up, after res of course? I'd appreciate that. Thanks.
  13. very nice piece better than anything I have. Too bad it doesn't have all resistances though. Just a little too bad, though cause the hero wearing this'll probably never see combat... seriously nice piece though.
  14. Congrats on the Mega. I am curious though, since the eggs no longer drop does that mean you had to trade for the eggs you needed? Also, am I right in assuming that eventually there will be no more eggs, and therefore no more new Mega Chickens? I only ask because I want to know if I have a chance of ever earning one of these. Again, congrats!
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