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  1. Its not unusual for me, at least. I'm too afraid to join some game and have someone come close to you. You know what I mean! I had been used to playing offline solo since the real-time item grab thingy surfaced...sad...:(
  2. I'm looking for lvl 100+ weapons,lvl 78 dps and tower sets. Or even afk lvling(minimum of lvl 83 for AFK lvling) The best combination of these will win the armor. Message me on PSN to let me know that you mad an offer on the forums and I'll update whose in the lead. PSN: Deathdealer1877 This ends on 4/30/14 so hop on it! Leading Bid: Why not you? I see that you are in need of some 78 tower weapon... specifically for which character? I will see if I can help and I do not need the armor. :)
  3. Yes I am Slooshi Can I have them?
  4. Rangerz, I need an Etherian Leather armour. Hope we can meet up! Thanks :)
  5. Sad to hear that it started to infect us, PS3!
  6. 214^ Shaitan for 74 221^ Oculus for 90 223^ Shaitan for 90
  7. YLOD : out of control! Game Freeze : well within control if you're not playing Sky City
  8. I live in Singapore. The little RED dot in South East Asia. It is well known for its Sun, authentic Spicy Food and the 'workoholics' here. ;)
  9. Sgt Jumbo...Udder Mayham...Cutie Moonrod...Moonlight Stick :)
  10. Great meet up with you guys!!! Bigbaboi and Chitty!!! See you all in PS4 man!!!
  11. It sucks again due to time difference. Hope I can connect to you hosts and friends when I'm online in 6hr time. thng1974
  12. So many of us have many regrets over those thing which we should have done...could have done...and so on. I just want to share with you all that before this unprecedented moment takes place about 24hrs ago, I am pleased that one of my friend or rather my best friend actually received my whole set of pristine tower armor over 105^. That set is actually for my apprentice and my only 4th set. I do not have another set ready...so if I am to build using my apprentice, one of my traptress or squire would have to undress :) Still feeling sad about the server stoppage and I'm just trying hard to
  13. Its sad to know that we cannot connect online and play anymore :( Good bye my many friends whom I met while playing Dungeon Defenders...So long! and till we meet again in the next game! :)
  14. Good times...bad times...its over now Good bye all my friends and the hosts. See you all again in other games!!! :)
  15. Me too here in Singapore. Can't get to connect with my friends who are able to send me an invite. The "Play Online" button just won't get active! I hope the guys in PSN wouldn't have pulled the plug on DD's server yet. :(
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