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  1. If you recruit poeple for hosting on ps3 I can help you im 14 years old im french but im really good in english :) Im suposed to be able to hosting when you went . ty
  2. Je voudrais faire des video sur dungeon defenders mais en francais et jai rien pour enregistrer mes partie donc je cherche un youtuber qui voudrait faire des video de dungeon avec moi ! Merci Si vous voulez jpeut vous aidez a xp ou autre truc ! :)
  3. I dont no like if Trendy cant do other events they can like if u r able to do sky city on insane or insane+ its depend we can win random events wps or pets because sky city on insane+ its really hard ! Its just an idea like that if trendy dont went to do other events ...
  4. Hitmonchan if I with can you give it to (steam account:jici7) its my father I went to give it a present he will be happy ty
  5. I want the Sniper : With same range and a lot of damage ! :D
  6. Qc-RuNz-_FoReVeR :) I never play with you but I think you are a good person :) Good Luck on PC !
  7. A Big Glowing Fur Ball or just a Big Glowing Ball hit the monster and and he can shoot some lil ball or something like this and he have projectile speed beging at +1000 and he have like 100^ . So poeple if you went this just write wich color you went.
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