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  1. i wanna say thanks to XXBIGBABOIXX for being an understanding and awesome host. really thank for the oppurtunity to play with you and have alot of fun too
  2. wow that digest just made me not want to buy the IV shard cause you get no pets and unique wepons.wats the point of getting it anymore?
  3. just wanted to say thanks to driftersgonewild for being awesome host today it was a fun and thrilling experience. thanks again for selling my defenses lol. jk
  4. PSN:Neme2iz101 friday if not friday then saturday
  5. PSN: Neme2iz101 friday if not friday then saturday
  6. well if ur looking for appearence aspects of the pet i would like to have a pet that looks like the dragon boss exactly or the alchemical labatory boss mini form. just a pet that doesnt look like other pets something different appearence wise.
  7. on the the thoughts of rewards i was thinking of getting something that covers each character flaws like the huntresses cast rate or the monks health and the mages mana bomb. just some weakness i think the characters suffer from.
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