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  1. Okay I just got the trophy like 4 games later randomly? lol... Weird.. Thanks though guys.
  2. "Reached wave 10 on all levels in pure strategy on at least medium difficulty." Did them all on insane... Yet no trophy? What am I doing wrong here? I reviewed my progress at the crystal and it confirms I did at least wave 10 for every map on insane, including glitterhelm.
  3. Join the rest of the community. Don't take it personally. What do you mean?
  4. I think I need those 4 as well for platinum. You can give me an add on PSN.
  5. I don't get it. I've run Morrago like 20-30 times and highest ups I've found is 62... on Insane... How do these people get like 200+ upgrade weapons. I see people with taverns full with items with insanely high upgrade values. How do they do it? I remember someone telling me a trick that if you boot people before you get rewarded items it makes yours stronger? I just don't get it. Discourages me from wanting to play.
  6. Which resistances are best for bosses? Like what type of attack does the Genie king use. And what type of resist would I want for it. Is there anything that says what types of attacks each bosses do?
  7. Was hoping I'd see more people try this >.> I was really embarrassed when my friend walked in and saw me drawing mine.... Its really hard to explain when they have never played DD before, or ever seen you use paint. The shame will follow you to the grave... "MOM! ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" (mom faints).
  8. Not slice and dice but maybe a cannon ball. Would function similar to a fire tower but a low attack speed. Would be cool.
  9. Elemental damage doesn't scale with hero attack, so about the same on your dps huntress Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk 2 If your upgrading fire dmg or poison dmg on a weapon and not the physical damage. The magma furnace converts the physical into elemental. So it still should work.
  10. Just found one that had nice upgrades, 65^ for a level 74. Decided to upgrade it for fun. I had never used one before but I was told they suck. Well it caps out at 40dmg per upgrade so I thought it would suck too. But after testing it appears to hit up to 8 times per shot. At 50/65 upgrades I had it at 1,500 dmg or so and it was dealing 120k DPS on my TRAP HUNTRESS. My damage huntress usually does about 5x more dmg with weapons. Could this be a 1,000,000 DPS weapon? It is weird how it hits, depends how you stand. Some times it will only be hitting 3x and some times my screen is filled with
  11. Which is more annoying? The fact that Sharkens can move/alter your defensive towers is the most annoying thing ever to me. I understand a special level enemy having some sort of special advantage, spiders slow you, djinns can destroy towers if they hit them for 10 seconds, but the sharken just powers through ensnare auras and gas traps uneffected and then moves your defense. The fact that they can move your defense makes Pure strategy impossible.
  12. Many pc players were saying that snares didnt work when it came out. They don't work on the poison immune ones, neither do gas traps. Very frustrating. My ensnare gets em to like 12% speed yet they are through the defense in 2 seconds.
  13. Isn't listed as an event item on the wiki... http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Laser_Robot Says you are awarded them for reaching wave 15 on alchemist lab.
  14. Was curious about these, why are they so desired? Are they hard to get? I was looking to trade for a Soda's Addiction for my huntress so I was farming giraffes. I got a really nice giraffe for a level 78 with 95^. I was told this isn't worth a Soda though. Then I see someone trading a laser robot for a Soda. So I was wondering, what makes any Laser Robot more valuable than a good giraffe? Thanks.
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