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  1. yeah what EyeofAlpaca said :D
  2. would you happen to have leather boots that max out tower damage for level 90?
  3. I'm sure glad I didn't upgrade my 288^ blasticus ;)
  4. Congrats on passing it but honestly I feel it's pointless as I have passed it as well on Insane plus and weapons are no better than regular insane. It's basically only good for XP. I remember thinking weapons should be better but ended up getting a 28^ Oculus and a 45^ Shaitan. Very disappointing indeed.
  5. Great group and a Great host=NOTHING BUT A GREAT EXPERIENCE. DREDD you are the man bro. :cool:
  6. Another question could I use omega shenro from the last event? Yes you can
  7. Yeah I didn't even receive an invite either. Makes signing up pointless.
  8. any news on when event items will be available for pickup on ps3?
  9. Great host (Gamerjunkee) and great company. Made it without any problems. Fun event
  10. If you backed it up after you traded, you have nothing to worry about. ^^^this
  11. you should be good to go after you restore your save. Items you traded away will become dupes tho.
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