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  1. My saddest moment is when I was farming for a good Lemurian Halberd—my first run, someone gets a Lemurian Halberd. A supreme one. I got trash and still haven't gotten anything worth it. :(
  2. You're an *******. ... Or a genius, I can't figure out which one yet. But, well done, sir, well done. :D A stage worthy of being called a challenge.
  3. I can't stand AFK floor shops, just put the damn item in your shop and be done with it. If it's worth more than the 600 mil limit then stay in your shop and advertise that it's in there. Why would I want to go through the trouble of adding someone to steam and having to arrange a meeting time just to buy an item when I could go to a different shop and buy a similar item straight from their inventory? My shop is typically open for 7 - 10 hours at a time. Suggesting I'm there always to monitor whether or not, at most, 4 people want to buy my floor items is a reasonable and well-thought out sugg
  4. How do you guys go about getting people to add you for floor items in your shop? I've got a large weapon in front of the Tavern keeper w/ my SIDand a folder entitled "Floor Items" w/ my SID on it, but w/e I return, there are 2 - 3 people who say something like, "Is the host here? I want [item]," and no Steam invites.
  5. Honestly, what I find helps a lot is to make your own builds. Maybe glance (re: glance) at one to get a quick rundown on where your "bases" will be—but you learn a lot about the game, about your style, and about what works and what doesn't if you go through a ton of trial and error by yourself. I avoid Kandar's builds like the plague until I'm well-established and need help. Then I refer to other people's builds, or ask other people to see what they're doing differently than I. It may also help to run Aquanos w/ someone else building—draw from their build that way. It's never good to just ru
  6. Weekend bumpity. There are many ways to deal with the issue. At this point, nobody actually reads the advertisements. I think that bears restating. Nobody reads the ads. After several dozen times, they just get in the way. It's rare that people consciously watch ads or commercials and things of that nature—but there's a deep psychological effect to advertising, one that all of the marketing industry isn't oblivious to.
  7. ... Does that clear things up some? Definitely. I'm no longer having a hard time understanding where you're coming from believing that clearing end-game Survival maps are possible w/o an EV. In fact, I've been inclined to lessen the extent of my prior belief of the EV's importance; you've certainly made it seem possible. I suppose then, to put the "impossibility" claim more reasonably the claim would moreso be that the EV makes things so much easier that it's well worth (and then some) the money you pay for her, but, you're right. In regards to the burden-of-proof: It's true, in formal
  8. I clicked on the picture about 15 mintues ago and thought, "Yeah, they always get stuck there for me, too." When I came back to my computer, it was still up—and I realized that, that was my Monk standing there. Hey, man. :D
  9. I mean, you've got to expect them to stop making Heroes at some point, dude. This isn't League of Legends. ;) The Final Hero class just means there's going to be more focus on stages and content and such—but, all game slow down.
  10. My earliest Supreme is Wave 15 on Aquanos MM, my earliest Trans is ~Wave 10
  11. Fair call mate, I'll admit I'm getting confused as to who has said what I'm this thread, it's going downhill fast and just frustrating everybody. So uh... Sorry for that. Seriously. No worries. :) This, my friend, is called moving the goalposts. It's a cute little logical fallacy anyone who's read more than three of your posts had every reason to believe you would not hesitate to engage in. This is exactly why no-one cares enough to take time out of their lives to give you the proof of non-impossibility you repeatedly demand to counter-indicate -your- claim. Ah! I didn't know it had a na
  12. ... Whoa. Good point, I'd like to know, too. Beyond the peak of the volcano flies Sky City, the final map of the Shards DLC. Our team, from the level designers to the art team to the ivory tower gameplay designers, have invested many man-hours and buckets of man-sweat to ensure that their fond farewell would leave a remarkable impression.
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