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  1. Thank you nexus! You put a lot of time into that map and you were right there to make modifications as needed. It was a pleasure talking to you and hosting on the map you created. I would love to work with you again anytime! I know the participants enjoyed the event as much as I enjoyed hosting on it!
  2. Jump on argotto if u can. Ill run you snd 2 from fri that just got on. I worked something out for you guys.
  3. I apologize about that. I was jumping back on to host for you quick. Elmz got off earlier and ive been doing my best to cover both lists. I must have missed you. My interenet just went down. Im calling comcast now, as soon as I get it resolved I will invite you. If for any reason I cant I will make sure I jump on tomorrow and get you in. Again I apologize, its been a little hectic on my own today.
  4. Yes. It would make it go faster if everyone was online instead of me working out groups as they come on throughout 12 hrs ;)
  5. You(darkassassin) as well as most of todays will be invited by me. Ill get to all of you as fast as I can.
  6. Im jw what is the damage buff on the super? The only thing ive noticed is a negligible damage buff, a nice hp buff and a hero speed that makes the skin worthless other than to show off when hosting an afk shop.
  7. So my super legendary monk still couldn't make it to a trouble area in time to repair or kill ogres wiping out defenses? Back to the ninja I guess.
  8. This is again very nice of you! 1. Capt isom 2. Cube 3. Rock #1 4. Rock #2
  9. Let's turn this thread back in the right direction. Nick I've really enjoyed playing with you what seems like daily for hrs since may. I had a lot of time to talk to you on ps3 and console. You've been a good friend and I wish nothing but the best for you and your fiance and a safe return home!
  10. I use a wired Xbox 360 controller. It was plug and play. I tried pulling up your link but it didn't work on my phone. I'd just go with the Xbox controller. 2 min and I was playing with it.
  11. I have watched this thread from the start...watched as a select few very passionately argue about how it should be more difficult because of the good loot or have the loot nerfed. I cant believe I read anyone wanting loot quality nerfed...from complaint threads about loot quality and drop rate to how we need higher quantities dropped due to the "economy" of the game inflating due to either mana hacking or the new tokens or whatever the cause. And for some reason we needed a difficulty buff on one map? I have a 3k squire, around 2k ev, 2.8k summoner and around a 2k aura monk. I play with friends with even higher stats typically. I just got home and was excited to run the new map again before the patch...hoping maybe to collect a set of trans so more than just my squire had a full set. Instead of being excited to play Im greeted by my friends with rage about it already being buffed. So to those who said it "needed" to be buffed because it allowed skipping straight to the end...your an idiot. I have good stats and Im still no where near the end. All that it was doing was allowing skipping months and months of pointless farming for a usable piece here and there. This map was fun and easy. Maybe alot of ppl play for the farming...I honestly play for the ppl, the conversations...the goofing around. The fun stuff. This was a breath of fresh air. How long do you honestly think ppl will be satisfied with hoping to get 3 more pieces of armor just to get 1 hero to have a matching set of trans? The drop rate is ridiculous and if my friends are having difficulty with this map now...new players....sry might as well wait till you do have 3-4k stats. Im highly disappointed. It may be a good thing Trendy decided to do this now...had it happened before Id already purchased every dlc I may have seen that it was going to take a yr to attempt cd nmhc, after months and months of farming. Ive already been getting bored of the whole build a map, pray for good drops....repeat. So bored I just started collecting cool looking stuff and cubes. K tavern looks cool...what now? Keep farming til I can do cd nm, or talay I guess. Or get bored and go back to cod. Absolutely ridiculous. Thank you for the breath of fresh air...for 36 hrs. Wonder how many will quit now after we saw for a moment a break from what so many have complained about..... It was a really easy map...but even to get to my stats most ppl get help from friends...gifted armor, weps or they build for you to help you farm. This was just a fun less aggravating way of getting trans armor and ult weapons. I ran survival to wave 26 a few times...probably got 8 pieces of trans armor...of course spread across the different materials..no ultimate or sup armor and a few worthless ult and trans weps. Thank you to the few who were the biggest whiners Ive ever seen...You just added months of build and repeat for nothing...on a different map of course since this one got the sh*t buffed out of it. Good stuff. On the upside....i wont be using sick time at work to get home just to play anymore, or will I be anxious to get home to run this. Nothing to be excited about...just the same rinse and repeat...absolutely amazing. Very disappointing. If my friends are having difficulty and this map was intended to help newer players...Trendy you just pissed off alot of new customers. After all you are a business and the ultimate goal you had with this map...you just went the complete opposite direction.
  12. The legendary costumes just add health and reduce your speed. Im hoping the super legendary outfits don't slow you down so much. ATM I don't use any of the legendary costumes.
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