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  1. yeah agree with everyone cant wait to find out what it is even if im not the winner lol
  2. that is the correct name for this pet he is a ultimate defender
  3. i c no problem with it being 78 it is very easy to get to 78 and with the huntress of all characters
  4. Sorry, I meant to say 3 is more than enough. well yeah 3 is good but it say plus 3 so dont u think u guys could have fixed that to say just plus 2 or actually made it shoot 4 like it say
  5. It could be aligned with the first shot, the one way to tell is probably going in with a clean one and see if 4 hits show up. yeah i'll check it out
  6. 4 projectiles are more than enough :) no im saying it doesnt shoot 4 well not for me at least its still only 3
  7. idk maybe but they could have corrected it. but still great pet
  8. the pet has +3 projectiles but it only shoots 3 shouldnt it be 4?
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