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  1. Let them work on their game. They seem to have understood what maade DDI a great game. I'd rather play a good DDII in September than a bad now. :) I have to agree with you BUT pixelatedDream has a point. If they are not comfortable with a spring launch then they should update their faq to TBD, season/month or 2014 launch or what year they plan to launch it.
  2. Cool thanks hawsomeic @flatfoot its only really useful in the begining
  3. I think it matters for the portal gun and the cube
  4. Im guessing that it could be your internet connection are you using a wireless connection? wireless gaming can have issues sometimes. Since you mentioned you are using a laptop I would guess this could be part of your problem
  5. Is there a way to not have an equip item hotkey?? I was livid that I lost my monk wrench in the middle of a round and couldn't find it. I do not want this to happen again. So I would like to get rid of that button. I cant seem to get it to work. I can change the button but have had no luck removing the button. on a side note anyone have a spare monk wrench I can buy?
  6. I would vendor them just to be safe.
  7. Forum improvements: - Split trading and grouping into separate forums This makes a lot of sense
  8. I wonder about the Defstore lots of interesting items, but even if they are on who's to say that they are running the same version of DD. It does need help I will agree with you.
  9. This should be in the bug report section but I would guess that your account didn't save since you have the pet you traded. It "rolled back" a few minutes.
  10. I love tcgs I have played over 25 of them. Most of them do fail. The ones that didn't Magic(lucky), Yu-ig-oh(tv show), WOW(video game), pokemon(TV show). The biggest selling point of the wow tcg is the loot cards.
  11. Many of us beat the OC on medium or hard first. And I will say that hard for me was tough to do without [QUOTE]beat it after a couple tries (level ups after losses).[/QUOTE]. then moved to insane. once you have beaten these diffs. You rush your other characters to high levels. The shards maps are supposed to be a step up so insane campaign = hard, hard camp= medium, medium campaign = easy. NM camp= insane. NM survival = NM.
  12. So Its time for all of you(us) high end players to give back to the community in the form of usable guides. I am thinking if there is interest in starting a contest on some survival maps to see who can get the LOWEST stats while completing the map.I will be giving decent reward (cube/pet rock/sets(if I have extra) to the winner. I would like input before I start this but here is what I am thinking for the rules (will be subject to change). Rule 1: Build must be a 2 person build. To judge the winner they will have to go from 13 or 18 to the end (depending 25 waves or 30+). I will be a s
  13. So what is a public nmhc mana run? The only public games I host and see are xp runs or someone looking for a decnt person to dou with or people who want help.
  14. Sorry to hear what is going on. Could your brother be playing a joke on you? did you hit sell all? does any of your friends have access to your steam account? Do you sleep game? Did you put it in your shop instead? I understand that losing an item is annoying I lost my best set of armor to a trade bug. Lets look at this from trendy's point of view. Restoring items is a lot of work to rollback an account. This may not necessarily work especially items that are not in an account for long. The other problem is lets say they could rollback an account what is to stop someone from duplica
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