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  1. Who initiated the trade? them Were you the host of the tavern?no What did you put into the trade?2heretic maybe 2 hammers i put 5 items What did they put into the trade?pet rock If mana was involved how much mana did you have before the trade?82mil + If mana was involved how much mana did they have before the trade?dont know If items were involved how many pages/items did you have in your inventory before the trade?13 or 14 Was there any multiple confirming/unconfirming? (did the deal change and you added more items in)no Did you notice anything special happen during the trade? (lag,
  2. If ur doing wizardly or treasure hunt on medium for the trophy Inv me pls i need help on it PSN: DaryL_pec12 Really appreciate it if any help.
  3. I need help leveling up my monk to 74 for the event cus I have a weapon 4 74 and i just need a attacking pet i need some1 to build 4 me because i dont have a gud builder PSN: DaryL_pec12 GROUP: TEAM20STICKS
  4. i dont know how srry pls tell me if u know how :)
  5. Umm if u are reading this Tito Pls tell driftersgonewild to inv because my time is different my event start at 7am cus i live in pacific time and the time was on Central time pls tell him if u can cuz i dont know how to message him thank you PSN: Daryl_pec12 Pogs Point :)
  6. Am Srry dat I didnt join the game invite u sent to me because i got online at 9 because i thought it start at 10 but the time was on CST but i live in PST so it start at 7 for me so if u are reading and u have the chance to invite me pls do Thank you PSN: Daryl_pec12
  7. Your an awsome host i wish to play with you again :)
  8. Your a great event host I hope to play with you some other time thank you! :) PSN: Daryl_pec12
  9. sorry I missed the invite for the event if you can invite me please do thank you PSN: Daryl _pec12
  10. PSN: Daryl_pec12 need help on it.... :)
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