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  1. After 5 years this is still alive, you are all banned for not letting it die
  2. I want to see a blue eagle as a pet. ") Nicknamed the contest king.
  3. Don't you remember watching Star Wars, it isn't good to put a base on the moon.
  4. Congrats Hitmon, you've almost caught me in posts LOL, where is our ps4 version at?
  5. Banned for replying to an antique thread
  6. banned to whomever necro'd this old thread
  7. I know of 2 legit ult horses. No, I don't have any of them. That was the greatest pass in the history of the game. I understand his reasoning for it too.
  8. Banned for not knowing you could play with a lot more than 5 people long before tinkerer's lab.
  9. He came to me wanting mementos from some of the old players. He wanted a collection of old collectors I guess.
  10. The accs are epic when put on a legendary or sl skin. ")
  11. My infamous dragon, how I miss the days. Articuno has it now.
  12. I remember when the forums were fun to come too.
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