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  1. Namwich

    WTA Event Set

    10 cv for the Ball Blaster
  2. Hello! Just add me and leave a message on steam if Ziglas wins the auction. I'm in the process of getting the trace again since I'm unable to access my desktop. But I did trade the DoTN bracers to Zig. Thanks.
  3. 35cv - Fearsome Trainer Mask (15cv) + 10 cubes + Single Cap (10cv) Are you interested in Dragon of the North or Vile Lords Clutch? Let me know what you value them at :)
  4. I'll start with 25cv - Fearsome Trainer Mask (15cv) + 10 cubes
  5. Willing to go up to 40 cv on the calvary. Post or message me if you want to trade. Will be the previous bid and another 10cubes. Edit: 02/27/16 Removing this bid since it's WTS :)
  6. Dragons of The North (55cv) Editing in the trace: 02/26/16 Trade Done https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/129374/?scrollTo=1192118&page=2[[10301,hashtags]] https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/129374/wta-half-leather-dps-set-ult-helm-ult-boots?scrollTo=129374&page=1
  7. Same here moon, I still feel it should be 45 cv but time (and the next auctions) will tell for sure. But I am not that active in the trade scene so what do I know, for all I know this could go to 60 cv. This was basically my limit :D I guess I will wait or maybe open a WTB thread, but we'll see if any others are gonna put them up for auction
  8. 42cv (2 singles + 20cubes + 12coals?) Do you mind putting up a list of what you're accepting? :D
  9. I will bid 2 Halloween event wpns. So 40cv? Let me know what the value is. Don't remember which ones I have right now and can't check since I'm on my phone :) Will update this post later.
  10. 20 cubes People are putting "cv" down so I was wondering if other stuff was accepted? And an IC would be appreciated :D
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