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  1. I liked the part where I was on it and spoke with words also the skins!
  2. I personally love it even if it does capture my pain of not getting the heart boxers :(. I will give it a A+
  3. This would make me a very happy person. They did say in the dev stream it was somthing they were working on if I remember correctly.
  4. My guess is they will be looking at the feedback about this event and seeing how people feel about the amount of loot that drops and maybe tweaking drops accordingly. This is what I want to happen out of this event anyway. At the moment I feel the drops are maybe slightly too high to keep forever maybe in the range of 2-3 bags per map instead of the current 6-8. But that's just me
  5. I have to agree slightly, the beams of light are kind of crazy at the moment with the "loot cave 2.0" event going on. Would be nice like you said to be able to have the toggle on and off, or even maybe after 30 seconds the light slowly fades away and become a lot shorter. But all that being said once the event is over we will be back to not a lot of loot dropping so wont really be a problem any more.
  6. I like the idea, but as others have said far too much RNG for an event really. I like my events to be skill based not how much can you play before you give up based.
  7. This post would be better off in the suggestions section of the forums however that being said I have to agree. It would be really nice to be able to see your trap DPS ect on the dummies.
  8. I will remember that one for next time Tigerclaw44! Happy to hear you enjoyed the stream :)
  9. I feel there really needs to be more of that sexy bearded British guy, He was dreamy. On the other hand thank you for having me again really enjoyed it.
  10. Alt tabbed to be awesome and talk in someones stream chat and when i tabbed back in the game crashed and gave me this lovely message http://prntscr.com/83kcxv if you need more information please let me know and i'll try to find it out Sorry Ice :P
  11. Stream links are fine by me love watching how other people stream
  12. Moved to the Grouping forum, hope you find some help! :)
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