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  1. Will this be free or is it some sort of update? Should be getting the game on Wednesday so I need to know how much money in will need
  2. I'm an old DD1 player from years ago and I recently found out that the DD2 game has come to the new console!!! I plan on getting it soon and wanted to find some people who can help me out/ begin the journey with me. If you want add me on Ps4 - SykeUntitled
  3. Hey guys its me. I got on earlier today a realized that all my stuff is gone and i cant get it back. if anyone wants to help me level or anything i would be greatful. GT:FM Syke
  4. Well my bday is coming up very soon and im hoping and kinda 95% sure im getting ps4. I used to play on ps3 and i was a very good player so if there is anyone that plays on ps4 let me know!
  5. Welcome to the forums! You can add me GT: FM Syke and i play on the weeked when im not playing ghosts!
  6. Xbox Gt: FM Syke I really like that your helping the community find players who dont mod the game! Lets Keep it going!
  7. So as I begin to play the game more and more, i see these glowing weapons. Then I see Glowing people... So I go and look at their stats. People I'm seeing like 150000000 stats. WHAT HAPPENED PEOPLE
  8. Glad to be back! I love how many people remember me :D
  9. Hey guys! i've been looking at the new DD2 and i was wondering if it was coming out for console. i have been away for a while so if I am unaware of anything obvious let me know.
  10. Please only send requests from now on and this is my old accfount which i got back thanks!
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