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  1. Try a monk, i easaly out dps that in randomly selected gear from my "trash legendary" Yea, you might. But they will fix that polearm soon. They already did, its fixed now, still does oke dmg and out dpses most others.
  2. Try a monk, i easaly out dps that in randomly selected gear from my "trash legendary"
  3. From what I understand Set bonuses might be added later. For now its just a Theme Set, all the items are electricity based dps items. I agree on the low lvl ipwr maps and think every thing on nm4 should drop 700-750 loot from the chests atleast, and possibly even from the monsters. (maybe scale the maps to that ipwr) Getting ipwr 620 gear while trying to farm a storm chest armor piece makes no sense! Overall i think we are heading the right way, it used to be way worse!
  4. I tried a build with the meteor staff, I didn't really like it that much, way to much repairing. Squire walls are still way better, and some builds don't even need those any more!
  5. Even tho the monk weapon was fixed, Its still the lazy (and thus my) choice for number one dps. Easy half million dps without dragolich and over 1 mil with dragolich. "~ startaltfire and press X every now and than" I Love it! Now all i need is a monk stormskin, if I could just find a give away ;)
  6. I fully agree with Ed, *Insert Emotional Rant* It seems like a really bad idea to remove the passives, love it or hate it but this is a loothoarder game (even tho it doesn't fit the standard genre), we need MORE loot to farm for, not less! I believe that if we get more Incursion reward weapons with new passives, more build will originate from that. Just making the passives easier to obtain doesn't create more builds, it just allows more people to copy the exact same one. Imagine for a sec what would had happened to diablo 3 when they had removed all the passives from legendary items and would had just allowed you to use the 3 in the Kanai's cube. It wouldn't have taken more than half a day to get fully geared and every one would have left. The game wouldn't have survived. More and more games cut away at their soul to please the masses, just keep in mind that these masses want every thing NOW and they want every thing without afford. When they get it, its usually not what they wanted and they leave. They leave the core community with a broken husk of what their beloved game once was. Talking about fundamental changes like these make me fear the game is on a path towards becoming a soulless, boring, and run of the mill free 2 play game. Heck it feels like we are back on the MOBA road to be perfectly honest with you....... *wipes away the tears* Mic drop Sav
  7. Well, atleast you have done some research... The galactic weapons can roll with any of the "special" bonus affixes... So yeah, GG on that complaint bro!
  8. Towers losing stats when the builder leaves has been in this game since before foundation patch 1. Most people don't know I guess. The pop up message that comes up when some one leaves isn't clear either, they probably just clicked the wrong thing, I've seen people do it before. "some one is leaving your party, stay together, stay in match"
  9. Pre patch: "Boooohoooo game is to easy, we steamroll endgame and we get way to much loot while doing it!, so bored" Post patch: "Boooohooo, game is to hard, we get steamrolled in endgame now and we don't get enough loot! Now we are frustrated." Guys check your complaints against the once you had 2 days ago, there is no winning with us, its getting stupid.
  10. Oke so this new patch looks epic! My blockades got a lot bigger so I was really hopeful that there would be no more mob leakage. Unfortunately I haven't been able to complete a single nm3 map solo since the patch. As a matter of fact, I was struggeling before the patch as well even tho my gear is well over the required ipwr. So here is what is messing me up,on every map I play, either in wave 3-5-7 ogres push each other over your blockades, you basically can only complete maps that have no combined lanes, 2 ogres in 1 lane pretty much guarantees one getting pushed over. Skeletons: apparently the little healer dudes can spawn skeletons from the other side of the map on my crystal or behind my blockades and they just walk to my crystal. O yeah and the skeleton kills in the montly, really the pet affection thing wasn't horrible enough, now I also have to deal with RNG? its the 10th of the month and I got a whooping 12 skeletons! Leakage: Oke so every 3-5-7th wave ogres get pushed over, but in all the other waves small mobs get pushed over by larger mobs this happens a lot when you use frosttowers, and since thats the meta (there isn't rly any choice) every one must be having these same problems. I try to not let this stuff get to me, but losing on a map that you completed with ease like 30 times before due to random stuff over and over again just takes its toll. I guess this turned into a rant more than a suggestion, for wich I'm sorry. But for a game with this potential and apperently the resources to change its gameplay drastically pretty much every month game breaking buggs like these should have been addressed long before we went from pre alpha to alpha, wall leakage has been in this game pretty much from the start and what good is a tower defense game where the mobs just appear to randomly ignore your towers.....
  11. Still won't work after about 10+ restarts.......154 wyvern tokens, guess I'm free from doing these dailies!! Hurray! TO THE ARK!
  12. Either choose to use em or not, its funny how every one is breaking his or her neck over these Betsy boots, yet every one I meet ingame is more than willing to use the 126% monk boosts, even tho having 3 pieces with the buff banner boost on it is a bug as well, yet no one is crying EXPLOIT on that one......double standards are so much fun! You opted in to play a pre alpha this is going to be out of balance and broken a lot more before this game is released, we all just try to make the best of it, but you can not go running about complaining about game breaking bugs in a pre-alpha!
  13. Savur


    (p.s. Trendy, are you looking for European members of the casters guild? At the moment they all seem to be Americans)
  14. I use the betsy bow on my huntress, it rolled with 100% crit dmg and good tower stats =) The granates dropping from it are just a fun visual since they don't really add any thing to the 10k+ towers
  15. Fozzie, Trendy themselves used BUGS as a feature in this patch, they already stated that they do not mind any one using the bugs and "exploits" for as long as its possible (dev stream). Maybe you should just drop your obviously rusted white knight armor and try to have a little fun in life. P.s. the section you posted is about cheats, hacks and programs such as cheat engine, there is nothing in it about game breaking bugs put in the game by trendy themselves, why do you think that is?
  16. Savur


    Hello fellow Defenders! My name is Niels and I'm from europe. I've been playing dd1 for quit a while. Since the Pre alpha I've been playing dd2! Its absolutely wonderfull! To get my friends to start playing it as well I've started streaming this game on twitch. So here it is. I'm new to this whole streaming deal but today and yesterday my stream started flooding with viewers and I loved it ofcourse! So from this day on, I will be streaming DD2 more often, playing with viewers, boosting or just random build testing, let me know what you want to see and I will make it happen! Thanks and hope to see you ingame! Savur Boram, aka Gaius Baltar - Game of Throws, http://www.twitch.tv/savurboram
  17. Small bugg, Completed the anniversary achievements, got both cups ingame, didnt proc on steam. (I got all other achievements and would very much like these to be in there as well!) Thanks
  18. I found out what it is, problem solved, as with so many other problems it turned out to be rather silly. I play in windows mode on and off, in windows mode the game turns the resolution selection off (I dont know why but it does) When it does this i think the game doesn't remember that im using a widescrean monitor and thus changing nothing but the turn speed of your character. Either because it thinks your on a square screan and uses a widescrean reso or the other way around. Thanks for your time and help.
  19. TBH its rly starting to piss me off, i have to use half my god damn desk to turn my character a quarter. I just wanna play this game and out of nothing my turning speed goes bezerk, 34 restarts now.
  20. No other types of lagg at all, right now im hosting a game for djin wars, and i have to reboot the game 20 times because i turn slow as hell. =(
  21. Yep, tried it with 3 different mouses, they all seem to do it. The only thing that seems to slow down is the turn speed of my characters, when ever i press Escape or enter the inventory tabs, my mouse moves normal speed. Adjusting the mousespeed in option or on my mouse itself doesnt effect the turning problem, the only thing that fixes it is rebooting the game 2,3 some times 4 or 5 times. Greetings, Gaius Baltar
  22. Every now and than when i start the game, my character turns slower than normal, its probebly like 1/8th of the normal turning speed. My mouse seems to be normal speed in the selection menu, just my character wont turn at all. Lately its been happening more often. I would love a fix for this as restarting the game 20 times before its normal again takes away a lot of fun! Greetings, Gaius Baltar
  23. Most enoying **** ever, spend a good 30 minutes on skycity building...**** goes offline again for like 10 seconds.... This **** never happends on wave 1!
  24. I can help killing the shard bosses or doing the normal campaign, still got some achievements left there! Wouter you don't happen to be dutch, do you?
  25. TRAPSTERS 4 LIFE! Maybe at a passive to the huntress that dmging enemies from behind while invis does double dmg? Make her a bit more rogue like?
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