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  1. I have full Mythical Zamira set, and the achievement still doesn't unlock. Does it really have to be a "Godly" Leather, Plate, etc...? Thanks!
  2. i think this is a good business move. free doesn't mean it sucks. i just hope this free dlc doesn't mean the last and the end of dungeon defenders, please, no dungeon defenders 2 yet. dungeon defenders is the kind of game where dlc/expansions makes the game alive for a long time and doesn't need a direct sequel immediately. i really hope trendy comes up with a new storyline, bright ideas, new characters. lol. :squire:
  3. everytime that the Goblin Battlecruiser is nearing it's death, all my defenses will be gone/deleted on the map and mobs will atack the crystal defenseless, is this normal or a bug? am i the only one experiencing it? already happened 2 times solo, 4 times with a friend, can't finish sky city. :warrior:
  4. wew, i really like most of the ideas shared here. hmm,, maybe minions with horns? lol. skelatized versions of mobs just like what Plasmakirby said. magmatized are cool too by Ruoivas. i think magmatized would be appropriate since the costume will be incorporated with the talay mining and volcanic erruption missions. anyway, i really hope too that Trendy would listen. :squire:
  5. ya, game needs more flames would you be able to tell them apart? lol. i get your point. but even crystalized minions can't be distinguished during a wave full of mine traps and inferno traps. hell, you can't even distunguish yourself and other characters during a wave full of mines and infernos. lol. i think what Ruoivas means is just a simple distinguisher that the minions came from a demoness and not a normal summoner. and i like the idea of flaming minions. not the uber-flaming kind. :squire:
  6. Since the "Demoness" is not from the crystalline world, will she still have crystalized minions? or normal-mob looking minions with distinguishers? Just out of curiosity. :squire:
  7. just got a humongous egg a while ago. lol. :squire:
  8. oh, didn't know about that. I currently have 5 folders at the root of the item box. so now, I can only make new folders within another folder? Thanks a lot for the info. I'm such a noob. lol. :squire:
  9. Ever since the release of Eternia Shards Part 3, I can't create a new folder in my item box. Anyone experienced this? I really don't know why or how or what happened. Thanks guys. :squire:
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