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  1. You can still play your PS3 just fine, even after you get your PS4. If anything, you'll be spending more time on PS3 for a while (since PS4 launches with very few unique games, and it'll take a while for it to have many of them.) its only a shame because i don't have room to keep both systems hooked up and i'm too lazy to keep switching them. lol
  2. I'm 43. Now get in the van O.o banned for lack of free candy
  3. Yes, definitely! I never had a chance to farm lv61 stuff, but at this point I can just wait and farm the 72s haha. I also look forward to the Halloween expansion (and the other promised add-ons of that sort.) I love Borderlands passionately, and more of it is always good. Considering we won't see BL3 for many years, now. i only with i had more time to play lol especially with the ps4 coming soon. its a shame it wont be backwards compatible right from the start.
  4. Im up all night to get lucky i c wut u did there. and i never sleep, not that i'm ever on here. but i have the potential to log on at anytime. :P
  5. go back and farm knuckledragger til he drops the hornet. shouldnt take too long.. just backtrack through liars berg
  6. i would be but....EVENTS ARE BACK so my attention has shifted 100% towards DD I heer ya. Would you consider taking me under your wing? I'll stop peeking in through your window.
  7. are any of you looking forward to the level cap increase or the next dlc?
  8. cookies filled with bacon :p You're not gonna try and get me to eat them off of you again, are you? Btw, if anyone's looking for a good time add me. ;) psn- inzombiac
  9. No more bacon? :( I'm way too far behind for DD :(
  10. Anyone still playing it on ps3? Except heer, he just wants to hit on me the whole time. Hello btw :)
  11. if theyre really launching this year, i wish they had given us a little more of a heads up.. i remember paying $599 for a 60GB ps3 when it launched.. hopefully it atleast stays around the same price for this new console..
  12. its always a treat to wish a happy birthday to someone so sweet
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