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  1. Dear Doondoons Yes, I use Xbox Series X. Sincerely
  2. Dear Chromatic Games There is a bug, I mean... When I will launch other game then DDA and after that I will launch DDA, Settings are reseting to factory default. It's repeatable. 1. Launch DDA. 2. Change some options in Settings and Save. 3. Exit DDA. 4. Launch other game and exit. 5. Launch DDA and Settings are reseted to factory default. 6. Repeat 1-4 and it will always bring me to point 5. Please fix this annoying bug. Thank you in advance for your support. Sincerely
  3. Dear Friends Yes, 4 Players or 2 Players Local Cooperative is the most expected feature, it's something that is making Dungeon Defenders series so special. We're waiting too for this feature. We have even bought 4 Xbox Series X controllers for this game and still waiting. Everyday my wife asks me, when SplitScreen will be available and she thinks I lied to her that there will be such mode. Ech... I have vowed for you. Don't make me regret that... Sincerely
  4. Dear Chromatic Games First of all I would like to thank you for your great work and support! I love 60 FPS version of Xbox Series X! Great!! Thank you once more!!! It would be great to have some more feautres like: 1. 4 Players or 2 Players Local (SplitScreen) Cooperative Mode - yep, I know you're working on it, but this is the most fun and important Mode ever. 2. Maps: Mistymire Forest, Moraggo Desert Town, Aquanos, Sky City. 3. Bosses: Spider Queen, Genie King, Kraken, Goblin Battlecruiser. 4. Challenge: Assault on Mistymire Forest and Lab. 5. Informations, when each new type of creatures are comming in each wave like in Dungeon Defenders I or only notice, when Ogre shows up. 6. Cinematics for all Bosses, before you need to fight with them and cinematics for Story Mode/Campaign like in Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards. 7. Heroes: Barbarian, Summoner. 8. Skins for default Heroes, to be able to choose opposite gender for Apprentice, Squire, Monk, Huntress. I would like to share my opinion about wearing some accessories, when you put some masks or shoulder straps for example on Apprentice they look ugly. You can see the penetration of textures, transparent contours of accessories etc. I know you can set them to be not visible, but I think you can do it much better. Thank you once more for your great work! Sincerely
  5. Dear [CG] Brittani Yep, I can confirm patch is live :) Yupi! :) I would like to ask, why there are no cinematics cutscenes for Bosses? Is it intentional or just a bug or you don't have prepared cutscenes yet? Will cutscenes be available for Xbox players? Thank you once more for your great support. Sincerely
  6. Dear [CG] Brittani I have seen, that you made another patch I would like to ask, do you need everytime certification from Microsoft, when you add new patch? If so, we will see on Xbox in the first order: March 19th Hotfix, then few days later March 22nd Hotfix and more days later March 24th Xbox Patch Or there will be only the latest March 24th Xbox Patch If the first has no certification yet, you're updating it on Microsoft with latest one? How does it work? Thank you in advance for your explanation. Sincerely
  7. Dear Chromatic Games How long does it take to pass certification from Microsoft, to publish the newest patch for Xbox? Thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely
  8. Dear shu456 Here you have it fixed in the latest patch: Sincerely
  9. Dear dizzydiana Thank you very much for your reply. I have got one more question, I heard that there was SplitScreen Co-op in PC version. There were also 4 players SplitScreen? Why Chromatic Games disabled this feature? And one more qustion, if you don't mind? :) How it will be organized, which scenario: A) I have got 4 family members, each one with its own Xbox account/profile, so 4 accounts on 1 console. If I will launch DDA on my profile and I would like to play DDA 4 players SplitScreen, I will choose Hero from my deck, 2nd/3rd/4th family member will choose Hero from THEIRS DECKS/ACCOUNTS? B) I have got 4 family members, each one with its own Xbox account/profile, so 4 accounts on 1 console. If I will launch DDA on my profile and I would like to play DDA 4 players SplitScreen, I will choose Hero from my deck, 2nd/3rd/4th family member will choose Hero from MY HEROES DECK/ACCOUNT? Thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely
  10. Dear Friends When Wyverns die, they don't fall from the sky, after they die, they should fall :) Silly bug :) Sincerely
  11. Dear Chromatic Games Yes, I realize, there are lots of questions about Local SplitScreen Co-op mode, but I would like to ask something related with this mode. I mean, are you going to add 4 players like in DDI or 2 players like in DDII? It's very important question. I would be glad for your precise answer. Thank you in advance for your great support. Sincerely
  12. Dear [CG] Brittani 0. [Xbox Series X -] Using LS Button in the Inventory resets Hero Stats. Problem: Everytime, when I click LS Button in the Inventory my Hero Stats resets to 0. Solution: Need to be fixed :) Chromatic Games confirmed problem: Yes. 1. [Xbox Series X -] No separated values in Options for each account on Xbox Series X is frustrating. Problem: I have got 4 account on my Xbox Series X. When I launch DDA for example on the 1th account and I change some values in Options (Main Menu) and save changes. I quit the game and login to my 2nd account and launch DDA, all values in Options are the same as on 1th account. It shouldn't be, because one family member on 1th account would like to have different values in Options for example volume of Audio, Auto Aim, Disable Profanity Filter etc. and other family member on 2nd account need to change value in Options everytime game is launched. Solution: Need to be fixed :) - Options should be separate for each account of Xbox Series X. 2. [Xbox Series X -] No cinematics for Bosses before battle. Problem: When I reach Boss fight in Act1/2/3, after counting Boss arrives, but there is no cinematic intro for this Boss, just battle begins after counting. Solution: Need to be added :) 3. [Xbox Series X -] Options reverts to factory default on each new day. Problem: I played DDA on 17th March 2021 and set values in Options and save changes. When I played DDA the day after 18th March 2021 values in Options reverts to factory default, so I need to change them again. I have done an experiment and guess what, I played DDA today and what? Yep, values in Options are again factory default. So it's related with new day, each day they revert back to factory default. Solution: Need to be fixed :) Sincerely
  13. Dear oolayoo ...but there should be, like in THIS video - it's from DDA. I think Xbox version has got a bug or something? Maybe Chromatic Games Team will explain, why there is no cinematic for Bosses in DDA on XSX or maybe there shouldn't be? Sincerely
  14. Dear Chromatic Games I have noticed, that there is no animation/cinematic before battle with Demon Lord on Xbox Series X version. Was it supposed to be like that? I think, that should be something like this, but instead after counting Demon Lord just shows and there is a fight, no cinematic. https://youtu.be/aA1d-xOrU8g?t=86 - example how it should be, in this YT video there is a cinematic before battle I don't know, how it looks like with other Bosses, because I am still on Act 1. Sincerely
  15. Dear Javito Yep, LS Button resets stats and it's the same button, which in Inventory SORT items :) ...so everytime when you click it to SORT it resets also Hero stats. Today I launch again DDA and all my options revert to default ones and all my Hero stats also to 0, even if I am 19 level now. I have also described other Bugs in THIS thread. Sincerely
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