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  1. I had a really great time playing it, but obviously its time to look for a new game to spend my time on. Making progress on armor seems impossible without buying "modded" gear.. off to flood my pillow with tears, cause the greatest game ever made died for me today :( I hear ya. After the last patch came out with really no fixes to anything, I basically quit. I haven't given away all of my stuff yet because I might come back here and there when I'm bored, or in case Trendy decides to fix the bug. But yeah, I've moved on. Haven't played for over a week now (or whenever the patch came out), and I use to play multiple times a day.
  2. CrzyRndm Anyone Notice a Change In Difficulty doing AQ, or Sky City Survival? I just got creamed wave 26 on AQ first time I got to test it. 3 Ogres came in.. One hit my wall and 2 hit all my archers... That was on two crystals at the same time and that has never happened. Testing one more time with only one Character, and If I can't very easy make it to wave 30, then Trendy did some stupid crap that is not mentioned in the Patch Notes. Funny you mention that, because yes I did notice something. I've run AQNMHC to wave 30 over a hundred times now, start wave 18, and basically afk it with 2 active summoners. Just come back between waves to toss a flash heal for each aura and hit G to move on. I played with my standard build last night after the patch. And I was having sharks push my walls at two different crystals around wave 26. That hasn't happened since I was first starting out. Assumed maybe it was just bad timing/luck on my part. But now that you mention that, it makes me wonder if maybe they did inadvertently break something else when trying to adjust something unrelated (wouldn't be first time). I guess I'll need to run it a few more times and see what happens. It very well could have been a fluke.
  3. [QUOTE]If anyone has any questions at all about events PM me ill try to answer the as best i can[/QUOTE] Can you roughly explain how the event works in general? Aka, what is the goal? Does everyone who survives the level get the custom reward? Or is it more, everyone runs the levels in their group, and only the highest score team gets the rewards? Since the first dungeon it says level 1-10, would I simply create a character on open, level him up to 10 and have him ready for the event?
  4. I always thought WAPA meant "with all positive attributes" Wow. Some_guy I respect you for being around the block and have always read your posts. But the fact you never knew what WAPA meant makes me shudder. Unless that was sarcasm I just didn't get? I'll admit I didn't know for awhile what it meant, but eventually it clicked in my head awhile back.
  5. There's been some suggestions on the forums for fixing progression (and they even provided the code for the changes) that would be fairly easily to implement. Maybe they are fixing a lot of stuff with this patch and that's why it's taking them longer than they expected. If it was just the costume speed increase and KG difficulty reduction then it probably would have been out already. We can only hope. But I am guessing the opposite. If it was the amazing patch we are all hoping for I would think they would have had the notes updated awhile ago to get us all excited and hanging around. The fact it still isn't updated makes me think it's a weak patch and only minor or inconsequential things no one cares about.
  6. Don't be so sure. Would definitely be nice if the "Upcoming Patch Notes" at least had some information in it like it use to. For a patch that was scheduled yesterday, why couldn't someone spend a few minutes to write up exactly what is going in the patch? Until it's either released, or the notes are updated, I think it's to be expected that we assume the worst at this point. Although personally my fingers are crossed for at least one major fix/change that was requested.
  7. I'd also be up for this. I have the DLC but simply hate the map and have never completed it on anything but easy back when I first got it. It just takes way too long solo. It is also one of the last few achievements I need. http://steamcommunity.com/id/lianad or ID: 23-Shepard
  8. Where's the patch notes at!? Ha, was just wondering the same thing. They said this weekend, but the upcoming notes haven't even been updated yet.
  9. Hate doing this, but I'm just not having much luck with builds on this and only seem to have found 1 build here in forums, but it is way outdated and does not work at all without constant repairs after wave 20. I can run campaign NMHC with 3 afk's no problems at all. But the scaling on survival just seems crazy. After about wave 20ish, the copter ogres have 90 million hp and just destroy my minion walls. Not to mention the spam rockets from off the map that go over reflect walls rape my minions as well. Does anyone have a reliable build they use for survival on this? Don't even care about Mix Mode. My stats are all around 2.5k with some chars over 3k. Tower EV: 3300/3300/900/1500 Tower Squire: 1300/3300/900/2300 Aura Monk 2800/2800/2100/1700 Tower Summoner: 3000/3000/500/1700 Tower Huntress: 2700/2600/800/1400 Tower Apprentice: 1500/2900/2000/2600 Active Summoner: 2300/2400/800/300 (with monkey + genie) Thanks in advance.
  10. Wait. Isn't it impossible to get armor with negative generic resistance? Especially since that first piece is Enchanted. Idk. Never played PC, but I've never seen that before. PC is fundamentally broken when it comes to resist. The old method of Enchanted etc rolling X number of pos resists has been out the window for a long time. It's quite common to find myth/trans/sups with all negative resists, or missing a specific resist completely.
  11. [QUOTE]We exactly should NOT get used to it. this is a freakin' bug and makes it impossible to actually get decent gear to progress and... to get better gear.[/QUOTE] Oh I agree. If you'll notice, I was the one who initially started that thread I linked. I am definitely not happy with it, or in agreement with it. I said "get use to it" almost sarcastically as there really is nothing we can do about it. Trendy won't comment or acknowledge that it needs adjusting so for now, all we can really do is "get use to it".
  12. This is entirely normal and exactly how the game was programmed to behave. There is a thread ongoing discussing exactly HOW this happens and WHY it happens in the actual code at http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?77597-We-all-know-RNG-is-100-broken-so-why-not-rant-about-it But yes, happens to everyone, get use to it :)
  13. 100% agree. It makes it especially frustrating when trying to learn a new map. A few weeks ago I was trying out Sky City on NMHC survival. I had just spent an hour setting up everything and BOOM trendy disconnected.... It was back up in 2 seconds but I still had to start over.. I sucked it up and started over... Another 45 minutes later, hit G to start after building, and boom Trendy (or might have been Steam) disconnected again! I cried a little inside. Needless to say, I haven't even attempted the map since. I don't have hours upon hours to simply "waste" when Trendy decides to disconnect for a minute.
  14. [c3;636146'] i will say it is just a flat-out bad idea, as, as you have said, rolling above 150 is extremely common now. just because it is working as intended does not mean it isnt broken. it just means it was built to break things. and the thing it has broken in this situation is character progression. ^ This. Not broken, just horribly thought out and implemented to be weighted against players from finding upgrades or good gear. And once again, thank you Dingle for spelling things out so clearly. I'm interested as well in what was just asked about if it makes any sense at all to run any thing other than MistyNMHCMM survival or Palantir and Boss Rush. Misty is so much easier than aqua and sky city. So if our best chances of good loot are from there, I won't bother wasting my time on Aqua anymore. Edit: posted at same time Dingle. So thanks for that clarification. I'm very sad now. It might just be time to walk away completely from DD :(
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