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  1. Entry w/M4TT Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cannoliravioli/ Steam ID M4TT: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199062801251
  2. Until it goes back on the Google Play Store, you'll be unable to download another version legitimately. You should update the title to "not available on Android", as you've pulled it from Amazon marketplace afaik. None of the kindles (HD or normal) can find the game there either. Would it be illegal to obtain the APK from an alternative source until you've put it back on the market? Was it removed for stability or security reasons? If you could answer these questions i'd really appreciate it!
  3. I haven't had this problem...
  4. Really? I've never seen that, but i use GameSpy :D
  5. ... Objective C, the language most AppStore applications are based on is not the same as C++. iOS is based on UNIX, just like Linux operating systems :D I'm not really an Android person, but i think the preferred development language for it is Java :P This is not always the case, as it is possible to run Java applications on iOS (they're garbage though). Irregardless, there really isn't any reason it couldn't. I would take some time but whatev :P
  6. As this is a Technical Support issue, I would have thought you would have looked there. You would have found this; http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?2850-UC2-How-to-Create-a-Backup-(IOS-and-Android) Hope that helps! Not exactly what he was asking my friend :) And it looks like there is no current way to do this, as DD does NOT support iCloud saves. There is a way but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. And you need to be jailbroken with a dropbox account and DataDeposit. Then it would be possible as long as you had an internet connection ;)
  7. There is no Implementation of any GC chat. There will not be any chat. :( It is possible on a jailbroken iPad but it requires: Jailbreak A Calling app Moolah and you need to know the persons phone number so it's useless.
  8. :/ Any details? I can help if you give me some!
  9. There are a few. A lot less features. Less heroes, weapons bosses etc.
  10. Can't you back it up to iCloud then download it on your other device?
  11. lolyes, 20 WAVES OF MADNESSSSSSSSSS. You get sweet rewards, BLACK STUFF FOR BEATING IT :D
  12. Lol, how's Cleasure? Anyway no. The code will detect your chip :( And Classic it's compatible with the Tegra 3 chips as well :P
  13. If you're using game center, you can do voice chat in the tavern. Lol, i don't think so :P maybe i'm wrong... i doubt Apple would EVER willingly let a non-jailbroken app like that on the AppStore. Maybe a JB app on Cydia, but i doubt it.
  14. yes. Trendy prefers to ignore problems it seems. Feel free to prove me wrong.
  15. He's a mod and they ignore him... nice trendy...
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