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  1. Congrats to the winners and all who participated! :) :crystal:
  2. Hey CraZy, map is looking awesome :), keep coming!
  3. Its awesome to see a new contest :) good luck to everyone who enter, cant wait to see the maps :)
  4. You need the lastest version of FBX, it worked for me: FBX lastest version for Maya 2012: http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/fbx20132_maya2012_win.exe You can also export your models as .ASE with the actorxtool. Once you put the plugin on his folder and active it on Maya, select the mesh you want to import and write on console: axmesh for setting the mesh properties and exporting it.
  5. Awesome stuff guys!, and cant wait to check out the new Palantir :)
  6. Hey Cr4zy thanks for taking your time and make those awesome reviews, really good work! :)
  7. wow!! awesome! congrats to everyone! :) great work all!
  8. Final version up: http://www.mediafire.com/?otv5ezsoevbg8tl
  9. Hey Hitmonchan, just wondering, can we re-submit our entries? I already submit my map but found some minor issues and fixed them, thanks!
  10. Thanks for pointing that out Nexus, gonna fix that and see if I can re-submit my entry :)
  11. thanks Sharyza! :) Final candidate version is up: http://www.mediafire.com/?6f859gge8d6zobu changelist: (big thanks to sharyza for these suggestions) * DU changed back to 120 * Final boss is 2-3 times harder now. * Rewarded Items more balanced now. * Added spider enemies. Unless you find some really big issues (or I make some more new content xd) this probably will be the final gameplay release version :) EDIT: Re-uploaded, Fixed name preview, made boss even harder, and changed some other minor stuff.
  12. Yes make him a bit harder on NM (again, i cant say anything about the other difficulties, does it scale down automatically? or is it a setting for each difficulty? i really have no idea ;) ) This may be a long shot here, especially since the contest is at its end within a week but it would be REALLY cool for the boss to have some sort of mechanic. I know I'm probably asking a lot here, that is because i have literally no experience with the dddk (i did the initial guide but that's about it). For example: Boss spawns four minions at different locations (maybe the corners) each giving him a immunity to a specific form of damage, so at start he'll be 100% immune. Now, if you want to fight him with physical damage you need to take down the minions that protects him from getting physical damage, same for the other minions, electric minions, fire minion and poison minion. If you only take down the physical minion you can beat him with physical damage but he still is immune to the rest of the damage and absorbs 75% of the physical damage you deal.... You get the idea where this is going. But hey, I really think that is not as important as getting some of that other stuff fixed, just if you have time and the knowledge thats sounds very interesting, will check if I can set something like that :) there are some bad news about adding sharken and djinn enemies, I think we cant add enemies from the dd updates, looks like these classes still dont appear on the DDDK.
  13. thanks for all the comments guys! @Sharyza wow!! thank you very much! thats the kind of feedback I was looking for! :) [quote]- More waves are really nice but the waves in general seem to be to weak. I was wondering why I didn't get that nightmare feeling and was first about to blame my very good gear but then I realized it: There are no Sharken, no Djinns and not even spiders in your map thus making Nightmare big waves of trash that dies in auras and some ogres that have to be taken down by a harpoon. Is it not possible to add those monsters or why aren't they there?[/quote] ok, will add these enemies on the next version :) [quote]- Next thing was: Wasn't the number of DU 120 in the first beta? I feel like 150 for a 2 Crystal map of that size is a bit over the limit. For the first beta I build a build that used 119 DU and it works very well and I even have gas traps in which i don't really need since there are no sharkens /djinn. I understand that 120 might seem a bit low in your eyes but 150 are definitively too much. Maybe aim for 130 if you plan to add Sharken and stuff but otherwise stay with your intially 120. You want the map to be some kind of a challenge on NM, or not?[/quote] totally agree, will fix that and change back to 120, I want a challenge map :) [quote]- The Boss: Gawd, I love him, good boss choice but he had 4M Hp on NM solo which is 2 boosted swings with my weapon. Maybe you can tweak him a little (I haven#t used the DDDK yet so I really don't know about those things, I'm merely suggesting stuff, possible or not). Though this map makes me really want to create a map myself.[/quote] of course, I can increase his difficulty settings, 3-4 times harder maybe? [quote]- Last thing i did notice on my run: The loot in-wave was like the medium campaign loot on deeper well-hall of court, was I just very unlucky or are you still trying to sort this out?! The big boss drop on the other hand ... I think you slightly overdid it with stats there. I mean -768 dmg, wow![/quote] Will try to balance these :) Thanks! on next version Ill do my best for fixing all of these things :)
  14. cool, on nightmare if you are lucky you can get a weapon like 4 times stronger than medium, but there is a small posibility of a weaker weapon too. And about mana, you get 500.000 for finish the map.
  15. Not true just beat your map with my series ev on the final wave and I got Palantir's Lightsaber (Looks like tsuda's final creation) 360+ on a lot of stats 26 upgrades beat the map on medium want a picture? oh thats great! for some reason I though there were a problem with that, forgot what I said, thanks! :) do you think is a good reward?
  16. Love the map Daniel Kami I'm currently trying your second release (june 13) but I noticed a small problem with the summoner's overlord mode. The camera borders are tilted to the left I took two pictures with the camera at the left and right border. The camera also stops short of the bottom harpoon when I go down (leveled with the 4 gates on each side) thanks for the info Randomdice101!, atm I really have no idea on how to fix that, will try to look for a solution. btw I discover that you dont receive custom weapons when beating the boss ingame (on editor works fine), trying to fix that too.
  17. Big thanks to Trendy for the awesome video and interview! :)
  18. Beta 2 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7cj7nofh83wjdvv ChangeList: Map is like 10 times harder now. Increased waves to 12 (instead 8). Added Final Boss on wave 12. Better looting and more mana from Treasurechest (100 instead 40). Added summit teleporters for players (find them :P) and for Final Boss. Some other minor things. waiting for your feedback :)
  19. [quote]It's true though, incidents like these can often have interesting effects. You end up taking a different direction than you might have otherwise and consider new possibilities [/quote] Totally agree ^^
  20. @Nexus and @Alhanalem thank guys! Ill take a look :)
  21. I was really looking forward to this map until I saw this. second beta is coming soon, today or tomorrow :) About looting, here is an example of nighmare rewards for a Magic player: what do you think about these?
  22. Yep. Got that. That's why it's called a direct download. Assuming the internal netspeed setting is set by DD, it needs to be changed. Aggressively. 37 minutes for a 30 meg download is not ok. The host's bandwidth is fine. That's not the bottleneck. If it was, I wouldn't have mentioned it. Anyway, enough thread derailing. Daniel, I guess if you're planning on adding a boss at wave 8, I should give you some feedback now. I really like the way the mobs scale up (adding harder mobs each wave), but there simply aren't enough. So, more waves. Lots more. Recent maps run to 12 or 14 on campaign. In addition, wave 5 on nightmare has 33 mobs. So more mobs per wave. Way more. It feels like you're just getting started, and then it's over. More mobs on nightmare vs hard. Loot is awful on nightmare (all trash). I don't know if this is something you code, or the game handles, but something's off. Ha llegado un ogro (I guess it's hardcoded to spanish?). Starting mana is not good. Not good at all. thanks for the feedback man! ok, Im gonna try with more waves :) (about 1200-1500 mobs on last wave sounds good?) about the loot, I dont remember what values I put on the first beta, on this one I have increased the quality of the items, hope this time they are good :) There are 3 items (on nightmare) gived to every player when boss is defeated, if you guys think there should be more I can add more items. [quote]Ha llegado un ogro (I guess it's hardcoded to spanish?). [/quote] yeah xD, Ill fix that too.
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