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  1. Congrats to the winners and all who participated! :) :crystal:
  2. Hey CraZy, map is looking awesome :), keep coming!
  3. Its awesome to see a new contest :) good luck to everyone who enter, cant wait to see the maps :)
  4. You need the lastest version of FBX, it worked for me: FBX lastest version for Maya 2012: http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/fbx20132_maya2012_win.exe You can also export your models as .ASE with the actorxtool. Once you put the plugin on his folder and active it on Maya, select the mesh you want to import and write on console: axmesh for setting the mesh properties and exporting it.
  5. Awesome stuff guys!, and cant wait to check out the new Palantir :)
  6. Hey Cr4zy thanks for taking your time and make those awesome reviews, really good work! :)
  7. wow!! awesome! congrats to everyone! :) great work all!
  8. Final version up: http://www.mediafire.com/?otv5ezsoevbg8tl
  9. Hey Hitmonchan, just wondering, can we re-submit our entries? I already submit my map but found some minor issues and fixed them, thanks!
  10. Thanks for pointing that out Nexus, gonna fix that and see if I can re-submit my entry :)
  11. thanks Sharyza! :) Final candidate version is up: http://www.mediafire.com/?6f859gge8d6zobu changelist: (big thanks to sharyza for these suggestions) * DU changed back to 120 * Final boss is 2-3 times harder now. * Rewarded Items more balanced now. * Added spider enemies. Unless you find some really big issues (or I make some more new content xd) this probably will be the final gameplay release version :) EDIT: Re-uploaded, Fixed name preview, made boss even harder, and changed some other minor stuff.
  12. Yes make him a bit harder on NM (again, i cant say anything about the other difficulties, does it scale down automatically? or is it a setting for each difficulty? i really have no idea ;) ) This may be a long shot here, especially since the contest is at its end within a week but it would be REALLY cool for the boss to have some sort of mechanic. I know I'm probably asking a lot here, that is because i have literally no experience with the dddk (i did the initial guide but that's about it). For example: Boss spawns four minions at different locations (maybe the corners) each giving him a
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