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  1. I’m glad to see a new release for DD! I fondly remember hosting events on PS3 way back when and I’m so happy to play another entry of this series! Looking forward to it! :)
  2. Some Guys Have All The Luck BY Rod Stewart Luck be a lady - Frank Sinatra!
  3. School's out for Summer by Alice Cooper Summer Nights! sung by John Travolta in Grease!
  4. I recently played through Fallout 3. Fun game, but I am officially tired of grey post-apocalyptic settings. I get ya! But what I love about it is that I always find something new in every play through..! And I love that it's not a "zombie" environment~
  5. I'm currently trying to get back into games! Since the full-time/part-time work and full-time school life is kiling me~ Pokemon X, Fallout 3, and Dead Nation(PS4 edition)
  6. Long Island, New York! Great thing is it's the suburban island where an hour long train ride takes you to the city that never sleeps!
  7. I'm in NY! But I never go to the parade because I run the risk of getting lost..! (too short) But great pics! Hope you had fun!!!
  8. Sounds great I'm always looking for new ppl 2 play with. ..Unfortunately I won't b home for a week so if u still are playing a week from now we can can meet up then Yes defintely !!! :)
  9. Hello! I'm not new but I havent played this game in almost 2 years and I miss playing this game. I'm an ex-event host from back in 2012 and boy do I want to play this game again! I'm a believer in playing a game for some fun, if you want to farm or something fine but always HAVE FUN WITH IT. Today at 5PM eastern time I'd like to play with some people! Considering I don't have many of my old buddies around, I'm posting this for any takers! So how about it? Post in the forum! Suggestions! Comments! I'll invite ya later! :) (And to the mods, I think this is okay for general
  10. Congrats Tito! :D YOU'RE SO AWESOME. You deserved this all the way! <3
  11. Tc always Eligio!!! (..and it's cuter version of a Starcraft Drone xp) I KNEW YAY WOULD GET IT <3 I'M SO HAPPY... I always knew you were the best ever YAY!!! :D
  12. Congrats to all the winners this week! :D I'm gonna miss the events, from back when I was a participant to my newer days as a host ♥ Thanks so much to everyone! The team! You guys are all amazing ♥ Thank you Tito for being my first host ever! Making me wanna keep coming every week~ c: It's been super fun! :) Much love to all you guys! ♥ Catch you around! :)
  13. jk is the bestest host ever :D D'awe I just saw this~ I feel the bacon man, I feel the bacon! <3 (bacon = love~!)
  14. I think I'm hosting you today! :D You Seahawkmojo? :)
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