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  1. a high upgrade crystal tracker or an ocean blue huntress animus hehehe~:santa: jkpop; because of kpop that i know starcraftuu! ill see what i can do :D
  2. Thanks to everyone on the SUPER Events Team for dedicating their time to entertain their fellow community members! No problem hitmonchan it was an honer and if you need host for console again im glad to hop back on if youll have me that is :D
  3. Tc always Eligio!!! (..and it's cuter version of a Starcraft Drone xp) YOU ARE RIGHT what do you want for ur prize :D dear eligio, megafrownyface. - foo "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 Dear foobear, Ill love you forever - eligio Oh no eligio, why? Think of all the fun we had lol. I mean regardless of your character being suicidal. But your gonna be missed man hope you the best. And YAY is right it is a starcraft drone but and ADORABLE one lol I know bro ill never forget those dark times lol Take care, buddy. Hope to still see you 'round the
  4. lol it is not a crab is somthing in a video game
  5. also first one to guess what is my portrait will get something from me :D ( if i like you yes i will be bias :D :D )
  6. Dear my fellow defenders, I will miss you (not all but some :D) this game was amazing while it lasted and was a blast until the fire nation attacked :D :D lol. im not going to say exactly why im quitting because that will take forever. All i will say is that i know trendy is small compared to other industries out there but as a small developer i can understand why they focused more on PC rather than console. Just it does suck however my experience on console with the dupers and just people who scam and take advantage of other might have ruined my experience across platforms. I might come ba
  7. Since Black ops 2 is just around the corner, I've decided to say farewell. Spending endless hours with this community is just spectacular. Meeting Event Hosts who dedicate their hours and Moderators who help this community in so may ways possible. I would like to say thank you to Classic and Trendy Ent. who all made this possible. I would like to say event hosts did a great job, and my favorite event host was Eligio. He was not only a great friend but also a fabuolus event host.Friends like Yogazny, Slooshi, Ninelives, and Vinaluna were chill. i will be giving a few give aways, and wish this
  8. Hi beastly. Please pm Classic the specifics if you would like to resolve your issue. Thanks. i talked to him and resolved it all and classic is letting him do the event Sunday idk whos his host but good luck to him and on a side note it was just a communication on both parties :D
  9. That's why people like Capt & some others already told us on different post ("Trade at your own risk") If u are afraid that the item that they will trade u is duped, then don't trade. Me, I learned my lesson & that's it for trading. No more trading for me bec I'll jz go crazy if its duped. anywy, so yeah I won't blame anyone anymore bec if they trade u some duped stuff, probably they did or did not know it if its duped or not. Needless to say, the community should watch out. Legit traders & others must learn their lessons. If there's a way that PS3 will break the chain of trading o
  10. i see a way that is possible but trendy doesnt let us do it beccause we the players know who the dupers are if we make a stiky that blacklist these player problem solved
  11. Lol, what are we even discussing then? If you don't trade and you know you won't get scammed and you think ppl who do get scammed get what they deserve why do you even care,what happens? It won't effect you and apparently you don't care if it effects other ppl so why would you care if the save file is unlocked? It will have no effect on you whatsoever since you are too smart to get duped and you clearly have no empathy towards those that do so whats it matter to you? your reading to much into waht im saying for one i do trade but im not reckless i dont jump out and trade with everyone. an
  12. Ok, and you could continue to do that and continue to only trade legit ppl. And if you were ever fooled or tricked or scammed it wouldn't matter cuz you could just upload an old save like PS+ user can now. but i wont because im smarter than that and i dont trade with people who i dont know and i dont have ps+ and if u get scammed thats ur fault for letting it happen so why start duping to get ur stuff back?
  13. As things are EVERY ITEM IS DUPED...so I don't know how to answer that other than to ask you why you play now. because i have fun playing and grinding for weapons and armor and i only trade legit ppl
  14. For me event items are like currency ingame... case typically if you want to purchase something its easier to negotiate with event items.... i support this 100%
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