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  1. Rabble Rabble rabble rabblerabblerabblerabble enfejsk.s,mdnskfen.! Rahahaha.
  2. Ungrateful? I have bought every single dlc this game has put out and immensely enjoyed playing it. I would of bought the dlc if it wasn't free either to support a company that I truly like. That does not mean I can not be mad when they do something I do not agree with. Or that I should not voice my opinion. Another quick question. Do you feel that you are the voice of the entire community? And if not, then why is your opinion more important then that of those that disagree with you?
  3. What kind of logic is that. The game is over so lets let everyone new come play and only have to play 1 map to get the best gear. That seems like the wrong idea to get people to keep playing. Just a quick question. Are you under the belief that everyone plays games only to get the best gear?
  4. meh, keep it... who is to say what is legit and what isn't 360 is cap, yet the game will give you one with 400, I have a myth pet that was rewarded with 361 tower hp, the game is and has been quirky at times, I would use it. I think he said 360 to ALL stats, not just one.
  5. I'm not trying to argue, I just personally don't think it needs a cooldown nerf, Cost increase maybe. Even spamming PS, I still do double the DPS with my app. I agree the monk ranged attack sucks, that's one of the reasons I don't use a Monk DPS, shame too, on PC he's good, we may not get to see that on console. But his Abilities are up there with the huntress, My tower monk can double a hero's damage! That's pretty crazy considering I didn't put anything in those stats, and those have a pretty low cooldown. You consider a 20 second cool down low?
  6. Players/Teammates with HIGH hero damage is absolute key. And I'm talking about players with over 400 in hero damage. Combo'd with someone building towers that has over 400 tower damage. It's optimal to have three players for war of the djinn, 2 players cover while one player throws down towers/traps/auras and then switches out to someone with hero damage. Theres a reason why it's called a "challenge", kids. my name is FooBear408 and i approve this message. Hero damage is highly overrated, I run War of the Djinn with my bro on a melee monk, he runs app, neither one is has much more th
  7. If you look at it like that, than yes, PS can look OP. But the huntress is the only character without a secondary attack, she just shoots and reloads. Everyone else has a very useful secondary (except maybe the App, but he can repair ultra fast with very little cooldown). I think PS is a good fit, it could use a slight damage reduction, but its her secondary attack, It just costs mana. So, you are saying that the monk ranged attack is just as good s the piercing shot? What about block? If you have full resistance, I can only see one slight possible situation where block is ever necessary,
  8. I don't totally agree with piercing shot nerf, not everyone has / is able to get super OP guns. If I had a weapon that has 10,000 base, I wouldn't mind a piercing shot nerf either, so, nerf the piercing damage on the more powerful weapons, since they don't need it as much. More character slots would be nice, 8 is a good amount, but 10-12 would be better. Getting OP weapons/guns is a matter of pure luck, very simple. Piercing shot is overpowered, this is not an opinion, especially when you compare it to every other ability in the game. Other abilities take up a lot of mana AND have long c
  9. ummm i just got my first t26 a couple hours ago.... lets just say my monk will be used much much more often :D Junbao > T-26 in every situation ever
  10. care to troll aneymore It looks like you are trolling with that spelling. No joke.
  11. Did your game freeze or something? Or did the file just randomly corrupt.
  12. Ok im not sure how to say this on the forums but my friend told me to post about my corrupted save i had tons and i mean tons of stuff i lost all i have now are my levels and im pissed i have 2 rods over 100^ for 74 a 158 tower shaitan and a 148 dps shaitan loads of event weapons 3 giraffes 2 for dps 1 for towers all over 60^ for 74 a 80^ kairi for 74 and a 78 kairi for 74 and i must say im pissed so Trendy if your reading this im pissed. Unfortunately, I don't believe trendy cares how angry you are.
  13. Has there been any word on when the next patch for ps3 will be?
  14. for any stat it is 128 then it goes into negatives! some stats are excluded like damage and block I believe the number is 126. If you put another point into it, will go right to -127.
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