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  1. So... the co-founder, Lye, had to actually agree to sell out to a venture capitalist firm to lose control in the first place. Just saying...
  2. What this tells me is Tsuda apparently isn't that well informed given this snafu and his statement that PC would be released 'shortly after' console versions which Jeremy has corrected recently in that it will still be simultaneous.
  3. With the two week preorder buffer they now have two weeks to announce something before they hit a June release~
  4. While it's quite unlikely that we'll get an announcement tomorrow, I'd be quite surprised if we didn't get one in the next 50 days. Prepare to be surprised. I've been fooling myself with that logic since March.
  5. And why does it look like Q3/4 now? Perhaps because (with the two week buffer) we're already basically half way through Q2?
  6. I think this calls for at least another two months of delay for testing.
  7. For what it's worth Torchlight did not ship with a 'mod manager' nor did the developers create one -- it was made by the modding community.
  8. Maybe they wanted you to feel like the PC gamers for a day?
  9. Speaking as a paying customer of the PC version, a quarterly report would be most appreciated. Considering you were probably in the "certification process" when you projected a mid January release (in late December), basically no useful, concrete information has been given regarding the release of the PC version in almost 4 months. The most interesting revelations related to the PC version have been that it is going to be released later than XBLA despite being excessively delayed by XBLA and "Oh, look, its the end of January and the games not out" and "Oh, look, quarter 1 is over guess its coming out in quarter 2." In a nutshell: PC takes a backseat to console. Console has to undergo a two+ month certification period. Original publisher fell through so console version had to be resubmitted for another two+ month certification period. Other than that there is nothing to update.
  10. At one point we considered releasing the game solely on PC & PS3, but that was never really an option and would have been incredibly unfair to anyone who only had an X360 (even if that person is not you). It would have also put all our work developing a 360 version to waste. Or just release on PC and PS3 first and release XBLA later. You would have been fine. Oh well. Pass the Orville Redenbacher~
  11. And you don't think Trendy are trying their best? Is it their fault what happened to their publisher? Is it their fault not everything goes according to plan? And just remember, they fix almost every bug with every update, even though the new updates bring newer bugs. But the PC versions won't be like this. So its definitely worth the wait. Are they 'at fault?' Not really. But they aren't totally blameless. They consciously chose to make the decision to release PC 'shortly' after console versions because of 'piracy concerns.' I won't rehash that debate -- suffice it to say reasonable people disagree on the effects of piracy on cross-platform sales -- but the decision is there. At the very least people could have been playing on PC since... six or so weeks ago, possibly even longer. They aren't responsible for the horribly long time sinks of Microsoft certification but they are responsible for their decision to prioritize the console version. To be clear, I'm not looking for an apology or explanation or anything like that. It doesn't really matter to me. But there are costs to getting in bed with XBLA and even the smallest of developers are well aware of them in advance.
  12. Complaining won't accomplish anything. The reality is the release is always at least two weeks away from the current date until an actual announcement is made. That means, assuming nothing is announced for the remainder of the week, earliest the game will come out is the first week of May. If we don't hear anything in two weeks/mid-May, yep, June release at the best. Not a pleasant prospect but it is what it is, when the game is available on Steam, I'll preorder given the low price. If the game were at a $20 or higher price point I'd probably give it a pass until a sale.
  13. It's getting to mid-April now. The pre-order on Steam will be up at least two weeks in advance. Honestly June/July is looking like a reality... if then. You can thank consoles for that.
  14. I'll let you know when I can actually buy a copy and play.
  15. This is not the case. While I do not know an exact time I have relative information, something I can obviously not share at this time. Well, that is somewhat reassuring. Thank you for that information.
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