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  1. Wait until they announce PC release will be a timed Epic exclusive.
  2. People already accepting the bait-and-switch before it's even been pulled. Getting this game done in the timeframe they claimed was dubious at best. We're only ten weeks or so away from the alleged release and I don't think we've even seen significant footage of gameplay of even one level.
  3. People aren't happy about the excess shipping fee, it's not a huge issue that they express their dissatisfaction on that. If some of you all think this is a big uproar then let's hope Chromatic manages to keep the October release date...
  4. You're missing the point. If you want to build a robust community you don't want to design your game around forced daily log-ins. And, yes, just having them acts as a compulsion and not in a good way. As easy as you can say 'skip them' someone else can say 'we can do without them.' Certainly time played is always going to have an impact on rewards obtained, but the more you can skew away from that in favor of skill/accomplishments, the better.
  5. Not necessarily demanding time-wise, it's that people would feel pressure to log in on a daily basis. Not a huge issue, though.
  6. Dailies are probably too much -- both in terms of putting pressure on the player base in logging in and pressure on the developers to design stuff. Weeklies are doable. You could also have some overarching monthly community goals where everyone playing contributes to unlocking them.
  7. When you're afk farming you're not even playing the game so I agree that it should not be a rewarding experience. As I said, there are idler games people can play if that's really their thing. Rewards/gear/whatever in a game should come from actually doing something (mixed in with some RNG to keep stuff relatively rare).
  8. Grinding is not good. One of the dumbest things of DD1 was setting up towers and literally going AFK only to trigger wave starts for about an hour. You can get that today in the form of crappy idler games.
  9. A PC from 2007 won't be able to run much of anything, bro.
  10. DD launched in October 2011. The ps4 wasn't launched until November 2013. The big hang up in 2011 was Microsoft certification for xbox. They held up the launch on PC because of it which, as I said, proved to be nonsensical because the PC sales vastly outdid console sales. I have no idea what happened with the ps3 (but from your description it sounds like it didn't hit the playstation until years later). I'm talking about original launch in 2011. You can actually look at my old post history that shows stuff from early 2011 for more info.
  11. So DLC more along the lines of the 'Quest for the Shards' DLC? Also I wanted to point out all the holiday DLC that is sold on the store now was actually given away free at the time it was first launched (if I recall right, it was several years go). I appreciated that they gave us free holiday mini-DLC back then. One slight concern I have... is the DLC for DDA going to simply be an 'updated' version of the DD1 DLC or are we talking entirely new DLC content? And maybe the old DD1 DLC will come with the base DDA?
  12. Appreciate the clarification. Thanks!
  13. I don't mean to be glib about the multiplayer but the equivocal responses to some of the other issues makes me want to err on the side of skepticism. Especially when we don't know whether Steam is on the table or not (because that impacts whether online servers are covered). But hopefully more information comes out in the next few weeks.
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