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  1. The names of the handsome guys I like in a drama. :D (except for Baby Cakes, which is a name I call my little sister, and Mikay, the main protagonist on the drama with all the handsome guys I like :))
  2. YOU ARE RIGHT what do you want for ur prize :D a high upgrade crystal tracker or an ocean blue huntress animus hehehe~:santa: jkpop; because of kpop that i know starcraftuu!
  3. I got mine through Code Drop Tuesday :D Follow them on twitter!~~
  4. Tc always Eligio!!! (..and it's cuter version of a Starcraft Drone xp)
  5. If by "best" you mean the prettiest to me.. I have a white one, of 1/1 upgrades haha!
  6. Yayit you were my first host ever and made me want to keep joining the events so thank you *e-hugs* You're welcome! and thanks as well!
  7. From my very first challenge, High Five For Bowling, till The Summit Grand Finale, the Super Events was all around a great experience and I am thankful to have participated in them ^^ I have met really great people through these events, and that to me is more valuable than any event prize. Thank you everyone and hope to see you all around! -yay
  8. How is it unfair? I am confused.. DD is a cooperative online action-RPG/Tower Defense Game. I think the idea was to not go solo, and find a few more players online. Besides, the people from the online community have to prepare their characters, win the challenge, in order to win the event prizes. It's not exactly an open chest/get item thing. o.O
  9. It would be a waste to not make it a tower, but it would be more of a waste to not make it a DPS! (in my opinion) As much as I need a tower pet, I will instead make it a DPS pet for my tower character. I need a hybrid squire :squire: Sky City here I come!!!!
  10. I would like to have an Obama character!!! WOOHOOOO!!
  11. Yu have a good choice. Hehe Why, thank you!!! xD I'm glad I didn't miss that one lol! If my friends didn't tell me about the events, I wouldn't have found out myself o: The games that I usually play didn't have community events or events in general o.o
  12. There are some who powerlevel because they are done with Insane, and probably felt their builds would be more suitable for Insane+ once they have 90 characters, no?
  13. I only have 1 83 character T___T On the brightside, woohoo Laser Robot #2!!
  14. It's the Laser Robot for me ^^ It was the pet from the very first event I participated in! However, I kinda wish it was pastel pink and ocean blue in color xDDD Doesn't match any of my DPS characters usually xD
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