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  1. Crystal Defenders is on the Wii.... I ditched the dual-monitor setup because my OS is acting strange recently.... as well as Firefox, Steam...
  2. I mean, think about it. I've always like Crystal Defenders, then DD came out. Then you have R2, in which I relate to DDSW in terms of title.
  3. I would believe ya... haha. Just that I have this TV for my consoles, and it's stupid 16:9. >_>
  4. Even with an almost fully upgraded Myth Ench Pristine set, I cannot run into one piece of trans gear (unless it is rewards, etc., but not armor). What makes you think I can run into supreme?
  5. Well, there is a bug involving the Steam Browser and Facebook, so...
  6. Not referring to microphone. I'm talking about when you minimize the game/make the game lose focus to another program, it mutes the sound.
  7. I just wish the game ran in windowed fullscreen a la Starcraft 2...
  8. I recently got mine set up. Using my old trusty 19" monitor that does 1440x900, with a new 19" TV that only does 1366x768, which explains the black area on the right with DD. I needed the TV for my game consoles: I hate control lag with video capture cards due to caching.
  9. Suggestions go in the suggestion forum. At the time, I couldn't figure out if this would've been a suggestion or just a general thing... but yes, you feel my pain?
  10. Topic. Basically stating, DD on one monitor, Firefox on another (AND CONTROLLABLE AS WELL, none of the "minimize game" BS). Cannot afford $20-$40 apps like Actual Multiple Monitors or DisplayFusion. EDIT: THE FOLLOWING DOES NOT WORK, even though I have the trial!
  11. A drill with so much force, it causes an earthQUAKE. lulz
  12. ALMOST cap... you could put on Godlies and max the stats out.
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