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  1. dont get your hopes up cause EU cant join US, sorry, but if it helps i feel the same pain :(
  2. just wondering for the events on ps3
  3. cheers for the help! got a decent giraffe yesterday! 20 plus in all stats with 100^ but lvl 83 requirement
  4. im sure it will!, but one more question, what build are you using?
  5. balls! how hard is it to get 4 giraffes on hard? like what tower stats should i be looking at?
  6. can you bring in 4 controlers during wave 25 to get the 4 giraffes or do you have bring them in during the build phase?
  7. would anyone help me complete moraggo on insane/hard we would have to use your build and characters as mine are not up to scratch yet i am online now PSN: Ruterz
  8. do you have your build up for the 2-4 player stratergy on glitterhelm?
  9. does any one have a guide for Armour, post - patch? like how many upgrade levels there should be for a decent piece of armour and what are good base stats?
  10. what character stats do you need to complete hard
  11. how many upgrades would you expect to get for the Shai Hulud (average and maximum) 1)on medium difficulty 2)on hard difficulty and would anyone mined sharing their build and character stats for that build cheers :)
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