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  1. hmm that's weird, well I guess that's a good thing it's on my end, so that it'll hopefully work. I haven't done anything major (like change OS) but I have done a little bit of stuff (drivers and using the controller on an N64 emulator). The controllers work fine on my system, it's just not being recognized by DD.
  2. So I haven't played DD in a few weeks, and I come online to play, and my PS3 controller no longer works... I had previously set the whole thing up (I have a mac), and I had play over 250 hours in DD WITH my PS3 controller. I'm just wondering, did the makers update DD specifically to disable the ability to use PS3 controllers with the game? If so, why? Also, is there a way to fix this whole problem? Thanks for any help.
  3. ya, I don't think I can manage that yet though. I need the mana to upgrade everything, so no giraffes for me yet
  4. So I'm playing NM HC survival, got to wave 23, and only had these three waves until the giraffe. Then my game all of a sudden just stops, and goes back to the menu. It says I lost the connection and have to sign back in, but I could immediately access the list of games. My connection was clearly still on, because I could even access the network while still in the game (without restarting it). Clearly this is very annoying considering it takes hours to get to that point...
  5. I'm going through all the new stuff on the update, and the steam workshop now says PC and Mac. Does this mean I can use the development kit now? Or just that I can have all the maps and junk that other people happen to make? If the development kit is for Mac now, how do I access it? Can't find it.
  6. So I have a mac, and I've got the DDDK apparently, but I can't find it anywhere. Can somebody help me? Is it even available for mac? When I clicked on it in steam, it said I got it, but it didn't download or install anything.
  7. On the summit, in the north section of the map, right before the mobs start walking down the stairs where they have a straight path to the crystal, orcs have a possibility of getting stuck. The problem is resolved by aggroing them away, but if you're playing on pure strategy, it's super annoying, because you can't aggro them. The orc will just walk around in circles, unable to make it around the corner. So far every time they have eventually died, but it sometimes takes minutes on end of having only one more mob to kill.
  8. Great thanks for that program! Trying it out right now! *UPDATE* PS3 will work through bluetooth on the new Mac OS (Lion) without help. However, Dungeon Defenders has massive problems with it, because they haven't programmed it to recognized PS3 controllers, so it thinks it's an XBox controller. In order for it to work, you need to configure the keys for the game, and switch things up extensively. For example, the action you tell it to perform when X is pushed, will do nothing. Same with circle, triangle, and square. If you want something to happen when you push X, you have to tell it
  9. *UPDATE* I've got the controller working, but the configuration is super messed up. Everything I tell it to do gets all mixed up. It's like it just does what it wants, and won't let me change the controls. I can't even jump, no button on the controller jumps...
  10. So I'm a real noob, haven't played games on computer for a long time. I'm playing on a mac, and I have PS3 controllers, and an old PC controller. From what I can tell, DD doesn't support PS3 controllers, is this true? Also, how can I hook up my old controller, the game recognizes the buttons, but not the analog sticks. Thanks for the help
  11. They release stuff, make you pay for it, and then it doesn't work. I've played the three DLC maps so many times, and crash the majority of the time. It's not worth it to play a game for like an hour, just to have it crash right before the boss. I payed for your product, and it doesn't work. Frankly, I'd like my money back, this is ridiculous.
  12. yeah I CANNOT get that far. I just got to wave 19 and it crashed. I've gotten to wave 20 before. I literally don't have the ability to get the giraffe, all because the game is so buggy. it honestly makes it not worth playing.... hopefully they fix this
  13. I can't seem to get past about wave 16 or 17... I'll be in strategy or survival mode, and the game will just freeze. It seems like a lot of people are having this freezing glitch in lots of different places in this game, is there a patch being worked out?
  14. If I have it for Mac, and my friend has it for PC, can we play together online??? Thanks for the help
  15. Okay, I have a PS3, my friend has an XBox. Is it possible for me to bring my character to his house (via flash drive) and play my character on his XBox, and he play with his character???
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