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  1. What's the best map to get good armor? I'm curious to know.
  2. Yea sorry about that beastly :(. But I just need a tower monk and dps apprentice if you could help me with those two I will forever be in your debt :)!
  3. It never gets hot around there and it just freezes. Sometimes when it crashes and open the game back up my characters are just gone.
  4. I personally don't know whats wrong with it but it was giving to my brother as a birthday gift last year. It was fine until now but I don't know why its reacting like this. It sits on a table right next to the television. I honestly don't know though. It could just be bad luck.
  5. I think its just bad luck that my game got corrupted twice in the same week :(. I feel like a baby asking for help again but could someone help me level my characters again? This is the last time i'll ask for help.
  6. I would like to thank beastly101 for helping me level up my characters. He also gave me some really good pointers and tips that I actually didn't know. So yeah, thanks :).
  7. My game once again got corrupted lol. Does anyone want to help me level up my characters?
  8. I was kind of wondering, which type of armor is the best Chain, leather, Plate or Pristine
  9. Ok. Everyone that is willing to help, I will go online, add you all and then we'll all play in my tavern. Deal? Just top remind you i don't have a mic.
  10. I've tried but my tower squire isn't the best at the moment
  11. Getting equipment by myself is harder than expected, Does anyone wanna help level me up and get good equipment. I don't have a mic. I have a a level 70 DPS:apprentice: and a Level 71 tower :squire: Post your PSN below if you want to help and have fun. It would be very appreciated!
  12. There's a new difficulty in DLC 4! I can finally challenge myself even more. SO EXCITED!
  13. My game of dungeon defenders was corrupted earlier today and weird thing about it, I'm not as angry as I should be. I'm only mad about the fact that I have to gather all of my morrago weapons and get my tower stats on my squire :squire: back to the way they were. But other than that, it's not hard to level up to 70 and it's also not that hard to find awesome equipment, so getting back to where I was won't take me long. Ijust felt like I should share this with the dungeon defenders community. lol.
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