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  1. I'm really hoping their silence just means they are gonna send out the beta codes monday since the freaking hinted at this 6 days ago. Like seriously I dont understand why an indie game company cant even give their backers any information. Like come on...
  2. Should look into doing it how ff3(6usa) does it with a customize option.
  3. I would give up pdt for the posion gas traps any day. However I would give up blaze trap for pdt too.
  4. Considering that is thanks giving weekend I'm gonna say I doubt it. I'd even say dec 2nd is more likely lol
  5. I wont trust the leak till I see it for myself. Kinda like star wars leaks.
  6. They sent out a kick starter email. No release date yet. Just "sometime in November ". Was really hoping they would give us a date. Optimistic look:friday update next week for a beta starting following monday Pestimistic view: next friday update for the 22nd. I dont think they would release beta thanks giving week so that rules out the last week of november.
  7. Twitter is technically their social media account. More users follow on social media then their forums. I'd enjoy a post here too because I dont have twitter but that's life.
  8. If we choose for console do we get computer beta?
  9. Although I agree with you king diamond and dont particularly want to defend chromatic games i would hold out a bit longer. The monthly update could although late come out today like it normally does on fridays. I'd say be patient and if see what today holds. If nothing comes today I'll be with you.
  10. I dont get how ce even needs a community manager. The forums at their busiest have had 5 new posts a day. At the end of the work day have someone log on for 5 minutes and just communicate based on our questions or comments it's not even like they get 1000 forum posts a day.
  11. Dont think they have ever had a physical copy of any game so I'd say I doubt it
  12. My build litterally has been 2 buildings because of this and mods. Id love to play dd2 like a strategy game but brute forcing my way through seems to be the only real way to do that now.
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