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  1. My build litterally has been 2 buildings because of this and mods. Id love to play dd2 like a strategy game but brute forcing my way through seems to be the only real way to do that now.
  2. Dd2 has always been aweful with loot. To often have we been looking for 1 loot piece out of 1000 and sadly you had to scroll over all 1000 pieces to find the right one. When gear had its unique mods in early beta. When shards came out. When mods came out. Its just to much looking at all gear. They finally really got it to a good spot i feel but it came WAY WAY to late imo.
  3. vosh

    My fear

    In a bigger company maybe. An indie platform with ~30 employees probably not. Also it probably reqlly already hurt any community aspects in the game. Even if 5% of people choose not to play because of it thats an issue.
  4. I kinda fear the poor kickstarter will help lead to the game being DOA. Its definitely curved my enthusiasm compared to everything i had seen up to that point. I will still hopefully really enjoy the game but it doesnt provide alot of confidence.
  5. Has there been a 2nd batch of surveys sent out? Is it through email or on kickstarter? I havent seen anything either way.
  6. Id be more excited if i had my dd1 collection to hold me over for those 150 days.
  7. Dependa how they implement it on gear and what not. So if say we have dd1 style gear when your gear applies to every tower and has several tower stats all at 1 time. Leta say defense unit cost ranged between 5-10 a piece but instead you gave up a tower stat (or it could even be 2). So you might give up stats like defense rate or area of effect. Does that make it worth it? Well that kind of depends. If they did this with dd2 relics (assuming the old style of 2 stats per relic). Could for example of been one of the major stats. I think everyone pretty much went with damage and speed so would it of been worth giving up the speed for lower coat. Again it depends.
  8. I got to have close to 1000 chaos 7 amps i should log in tomorrow and see. Betting a 2k defender medal cost to go with it to crush my soulw
  9. Yeah but lawlata said this 2 weeks ago and have we seen anything from them? Not angry just waiting hoping ot comes sooner rather then later
  10. I love havIng very unique shaped maps. I forget the name but the dragon boss in dd1 map comes to mind. You had long stretched atairs great for cannonball towers because they would roll forever and knock enemies to lower levels. You had shorter smaller choke points. You had a very unique 1 size does not fit all style map. Made proper. Choice of tower more important. That is the best part of tower defenses when a single tower isnt so strong it fits all situations (evs wm in dd2 for a while) dont make 1 tower so strong it works on every map in every location.
  11. Forced is a bad term there. However the point stands that the game should be what we want to log into not log on to collect a reward and leave. I know ive doone that a few times in dd2.
  12. Secondly fix mob damage/ crystal health so its not blockades gdt 3 shotted everything else 1 and the crystal in 1. I want to have to repair and do mob control. Just did a survival on easy in the demo ans hardest/best part was juggling 6 blockades health and mob density.
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