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  1. What are they doing? I havent played much since ev came out. Ive read the rift stuff but dont understand the soft reset
  2. god this thread is so the depiction of what this game has turned into. The rebranding from trendy was supposed to be about fixing so many of these issues. I had originally made a switch pre order and somehow knew i shouldn't wait for the switch release. You know id givemost companies a pass for bad customers service through march april and even may but at some point they need to be doing their job and actually fix their issues. Something tells me the game just isnt doing well enough to keep up many staff members. I dont fully know numbers but looking at some of the trophies id say
  3. Sure its "far from done". At this point im not holding out for vendors or trading coming before end of q4 (which should have been in with full release since they know how to code those based on dd1 and dd2). But they did declare it a full release by moving out of early access. Its kinda like saying a mmo ever full releases. Its done but still gets updated.
  4. This is so sad. 6 months of full releasewith a character and 3 maps releasedand 1 new mode. After all that they havent even announced the switch date which should be before the other 2. I feel like console has been scrapped and they forgot to mention it.
  5. This is actually the problem. By like 86 i could afk prom and repair after the wave. 4 levels is really a while. Finally hit 90 on my apprentice and my first huntress. With that i went from wave 9 mass ancient mine to 15 (along with a slight build change to progress)
  6. You also probably toke advantage of early dragon exp glitch. Leveling characters who can clearly complete content that they cant equip the reward is the issue.r Either way i dont understand why ican complete something and get rewards i cant use for like another 6 hours of gameplay. Id understand if they had trading in the game.
  7. Su litterally invakidates anything that isnt designed around it. That would mean all current difficulties would be invalidated. Id rather the summoner have unique sunmons that cost du then essentially being a dps increase to every map.
  8. The amount of exp to level up from about 75+ starts to get to be a bit much. I have characters who are waiting on gear just because of level. Im stuck unable to progress because im at 87 and have as good as gear as i cantill 90. Currently a level would take like 3 solid hoursof just focusing on that. That means atleast 10 hours till the next gear tier would be available.
  9. Tried this still can't get past wave 13ish on most levels. First I try my own builds then I try ones from online. Somehow my fear doesn't feel like it matches what it should be.
  10. Considering how long this thread has been up and he claims to have contacted support and just heard soon means a staff should have answered by now
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time progressing solo and want ideas how to continue. I am currently able to solo mmhc nightmare promenade at wave 24 start. I have a hard time doing most levels to wave 15. For example following a mr. Juicebags build on summit I can't beat wave 13. I'm hardly getting upgrades. my stats are all sub 2000 which concerns me with pretty much fully upgraded armor. Any advice would be great.
  12. Been waiting for answer to this for about 4 days now too. No response from bug report/forums. Cg communication is as bad as always. Atleast say "we are looking into it" or "your screwed try again"
  13. Lost ranging from 83-90+. I had all classes above 83 and duplicates above that of all but squire. Unfortunately it really makes me not want to play the game. I really just want an answer and then I might be able to get over it.
  14. Going on 3 days without hearing back from bug reports and posts on the forums. What's best way to get in contact with in game support? They have to have something for the missing characters or something right?
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