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  1. As it should be. Duping items should be banned. However if its happening without much effort in how it's done I kinda understand some leniency
  2. That's kinda the problem imo. You only need good pets. More then that is nearly meaningless to farm. Also it's only the 2 pets worth farming.
  3. The real problem right now is that pets are end all be all of how good your character can be. A good upgrade weapon and maybe you'll do 10K dps. You dont have propeller cages sucks to be you. That tower apprentice is put dosing you by like 60k
  4. This is actually displayed under your armor as a 1/4 per matching piece of armor
  5. Can we start a list of the pets out and where to get them? Along with what they do? Steam robot- 3rd map. Attacks nearby enemies
  6. I beat the game on medium all 12 levels and kinda expected one. Next I'll be going for pets maybe there is an achievement for all 12 pets.
  7. Seems like part of the known issue. Might be a slightly different issue though.
  8. Worked fine for me on medium difficulty. Dont know if difficulty would change anything
  9. Let it install mine was about 5 minutes and no progress for first few.
  10. We just dont get the rewards till later.
  11. They come in full release with kickstarter rewards.
  12. I got to have close to 1000 chaos 7 amps i should log in tomorrow and see. Betting a 2k defender medal cost to go with it to crush my soulw
  13. I will once i get my code. Ive been trying to grind out survival on the demo. Cant quite get to 15 with my gear. I got 4700/6000 kills on round 14... this was on easy but dam with level 10 cap its rough. Ill keep at it though. Might need to find defense health gear for my spike blockade squire.
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