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  1. If only we had something to count down to...
  2. vosh

    PAX South

    I loved dd1 on the playstation (was it 2 at the time or 4 by then? I cant remember that long ago) anyways the game definitely didnt have problems back then besides lacking dlc that the computer had. Dd2 ran better on my ps4 then my computer. It became me and my sons favorite game for a long time. But constant changes and tweaks to it made me stop playing. I have little doubt current gen consoles will be fine handling dda
  3. vosh

    Release date?

    Will the release date be mentioned at pax south next week?
  4. I'll probably do a run through on medium. Switch to insane and grind some boss levels/challenges/survival then hop into nightmare once my gears there. I prefer to play my first play through to learn if there is stupid pathing or something I need to worry about.
  5. Because mana doesnt equal du. It did in dd2 and that was fine. However this kind of building actually becomes much more mathematical and can be more fun to some players (like me). In dd2 It was simply I have x du and y lanes to cover so i have z mana ped lane (typically about 200 and 100 ped flying lane) so builds got over simplified. However with them different you can have a build that will use all your du and no mana left (probably a better short term build). Then there are builds that you'll run out of mana and have some du to spend on later waves (probably better long run). Overall it should be a good change because it will create an issue of what do I need/when do I need it.
  6. If you answer even the first question and skip all the rest then atleast that first question is 100% accurate. Also people have the choice not to take any part of the survey. Either way the worst option for the long term health of the game is for players to either answer correctly or leave blanks.
  7. The "havent done it/no opinion" option is leaving it blank.
  8. Have they set an official date? We are less then 2 full months away (at max). I havent seen anything in my email yet. If it's getting pushed back I think chromatic is in trouble. They already extended 4-5 months to "get it right" and I understand a bad launch would probably be worst then a delayed game, however pushing it back 2 times would probably piss people off a ton.
  9. All you should have so far is beta access for digital goods. For physical I know dates were mainly TBD from what I remember.
  10. In my first playthrough of dd1 this is what happened regardless if you did a team build. The squire and apprentice were only good early builders so we had a 4 player team of each class. My friends apprentice out leveled everyone by the 3rd or 4th level that he became permanent builder while we all just became dps heroes.
  11. Th is is hard because I dont know what we are seeing as beta data and what is actually going to be in the final product. Change gear to dd1 style of godly, ultimate ect. Add the tower descriptions of dd2 I guess?
  12. Honestly I'd just like a boost to help me get going. Its 1 pet so it wont help more then my 1 character (I might preorder now for phoenix too and I dont know if I'll always want console play) so I'm not looking for an instant win through campaign.
  13. Anything that forces you to afk a map (bringing a level 1 character to a map a level 70 can solo build) is bad. Unfortunately this will likely be the path nearly all players take if dd1 style takes place. The hero deck is also an option. You can make 1 character at a time if that's what YOUR preference is. Give us the option to level the 4 characters at a time and leave the ability for solo exp (maybe even a bonus to exp?)
  14. The problem with solo exp becomes what map can I solo build that gives best exp while afk on a new character. So like in dd1 after campaign you could just solo build glitterhelm caverns then afk on next character your leveling and do that which adds nothing to compelling gameplay. Shared exp allows you to progress much more naturally throughout the entirety of the game and might not have the need to farm lower ended content. Personally I dont mind exp share. It allows initial playthroughs to be better overall. Personally I'm good with fully shared exp. In dd1 I remember by time I got to maps with bosses I ended up just brute forcing the bosses because it was easier then leveling a dps hero at the time. I played almost the entire game as a builder because towers are alot better then heros because you cant be everywhere.
  15. The fact a pet rock effectively debuffs you there needs to be a baseline stats. Also I have gotten 3 pet rocks with 0 stats and none with stats. Pets without attacks need like some kind of baseline.
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