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  1. Tried this still can't get past wave 13ish on most levels. First I try my own builds then I try ones from online. Somehow my fear doesn't feel like it matches what it should be.
  2. Considering how long this thread has been up and he claims to have contacted support and just heard soon means a staff should have answered by now
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time progressing solo and want ideas how to continue. I am currently able to solo mmhc nightmare promenade at wave 24 start. I have a hard time doing most levels to wave 15. For example following a mr. Juicebags build on summit I can't beat wave 13. I'm hardly getting upgrades. my stats are all sub 2000 which concerns me with pretty much fully upgraded armor. Any advice would be great.
  4. Been waiting for answer to this for about 4 days now too. No response from bug report/forums. Cg communication is as bad as always. Atleast say "we are looking into it" or "your screwed try again"
  5. Lost ranging from 83-90+. I had all classes above 83 and duplicates above that of all but squire. Unfortunately it really makes me not want to play the game. I really just want an answer and then I might be able to get over it.
  6. Going on 3 days without hearing back from bug reports and posts on the forums. What's best way to get in contact with in game support? They have to have something for the missing characters or something right?
  7. Join the party. Your about the 5th person saying this. I'm waiting for a response now. Hope I dont have to regrind.
  8. weird I cant even play legacy still...
  9. thought it was all automatic. was I supposed to move it? I have just 1 file for it I don't know what happened but its the one linked to my non legacy transfer characters.
  10. crashes are still better then reverts happening in a "full release" game that apparently reverted my legacy transfer. there goes all drive to play for now.
  11. happened to me right now too. @Ice please let us know what to do about this.
  12. So I logged in right now to have my legacy transfer characters gone. I went to play for the first time in about a week and now my characters from legacy transfer are gone and im back to my lower level characters I played in the meantime. Anyone able to help? definitely want to know WTF is going on so I don't have to grind for another 30 hours to get back to where I was.
  13. Most useless is sort by hero class. Doesnt even work with weapons which is the only items that are class specific
  14. You get like 250 items or something. If you go 10 waves you might fill up. If your mid legendary then your likely 1200ish so you would only start getting upgrades around wave 16 assuming your doing ancient mines (I'm also assuming your probably not clearing it unless being carried). If being carried you can just sell all around 20 and collect everything from 20+
  15. Lol I cant believe that. Games out and you cant get what you paid for?
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