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  1. For the past few patches, I've been pretty much unable to return to the tavern from a map. It works once in a blue moon, but most of the time I'm either forced to use the disconnect command or go to the hub, which is okay if I'm solo. When I'm in a group however, its much worse, as it keeps breaking up the group and doesn't let us go to the hub together. It forces the party members to the title screen and makes the leader return to the tavern. I keep getting the "Something bad has happened" and "Unknown Error:0" prompts also when trying to return to the tavern, both solo and with a group. Just been wondering if its just me? I remember seeing a single thread about it a while back, but it never went anywhere. I've verified my game's integrity, reinstalled it, reinstalled then verified after installation, and yet I'm still running into this.
  2. His towers are pretty insane when used correctly. I'm still new-ish to NM4 myself, (Can only really handle life root and the first few areas solo) But wooow, the maw and the Volcano changed all that. With the maw's sphere and the volcano + eruption, you almost don't need anything else, it does so much damage and I'm not even greatly geared yet. (620 iPwr with little/no Lavamancer passives) Maw doesn't petrify ogre for long, but it does petrify all other bosses for a pretty long time. It does, however, frequently petrify ogre, enough to slow him down by a ton. Especially when it's been erupted. I haven't found a use for oil geysers, they're way too small and don't do enough damage even when you use erupt. Overall I'm pretty happy with him, was happy enough for me to make a DPS and a Tower builder of em.
  3. I wouldn't go this far, I still like the LM a lot and find most of his other skills/towers pretty cool and fun to use. Its just this one skill thats pretty bad, and even then I feel like they can always patch it to be a toggle later when they figure it out, if what Gelostar said is true.
  4. Yeah, it seems to be an alternating buff, which so far is kinda mediocre. The buffs are nice, but it feels like they're not around long enough to get the most of out them.
  5. I'm very excited for him. I bought a few extra Character cards just for him, just in case he has the trinity builds of DPS/Active builder/Non-active builder like AL does. Also Melee hero! Yay!
  6. I feel your pain. After the previous buff of the Heavy Cannonball uber, I bought it to try and see if it was any better than what people had said about it before. Even after the latest patch it still wasn't worth the 60 Wyvern tokens I paid for it.
  7. Mine rerolled also, but was hit much worse. Mine went from 388 to 322 atm. On the other hand, my idle flow went from 83 to 64 though, so thats nice I guess...
  8. I think guaranteed means that the map its listed on is the map it will drop from, not necessarily that it will drop. I was with a friend when I got the chest, I got it but he did not.
  9. Its not on incursion, I got the Storm Chest from Unholy Catacombs Defense match.
  10. Squire has a sphere called "Fight me not". The Sphere makes it so if enemies are targeting him, then towers deal 125%(can't remember exact value) additional damage to enemies. Its great because he has a taunt, and a sword that can auto taunt.
  11. I think I'd just be happy if they hid the amount of people voting/influence something has until the end, because seeing one side take such a major lead can definitely discourage people from voting for what they actually want as opposed to voting for the thing that's already winning, so you don't feel like you're wasting your influence.
  12. I did it fairly recently, but I used 190k Null Void training dummies, but my walls were sitting around 220k as well. I also used Traptress with explosive PDT, explosive traps and frosties, along with a DPS monk.
  13. Very true, I've met some pretty cool people on public who are like this, but more often than not someone ends up blaming someone else, or people just yell at others who aren't using the meta builds for everything. I'd say these kind of Elitists are why I don't do public matches AT ALL anymore. Its fine if you want to AFK after you built, you did your part, and that's cool. But a lot of the builds can't hold their own and crumble pretty quickly, then they end up blaming the DPS for their not-very-good defenses. This isn't limited to AFK builders though, everyone can be toxic. I've also seen people who berate people's defense setup, even if its the most solid thing ever. Even when we make it through, they have to have some kind of last snarky comment and leave. I personally feel like its not worth it to crawl through all the bad experiences for the very few good ones anymore.
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