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  1. That's hard to decide, I want to play just hardly have time anymore, im kind of a ****der when it comes to this game. I will play still if i have time, still trying to get that 200+ aronax and depth charge.
  2. Seriously, why are people so addicted to this game?
  3. yea, and i hardly even play this game anymore, been too busy lately.
  4. Oh god... I hope that was sarcasm and you weren't actually serious in that post... lol Like someone else touched on, that collection doesn't show that you're a pro because if someone really wanted to they could give their whole collection to a noob that hasn't even been playing for a month and they'd still be a noob, not a pro. It's the same in every game, especially in COD. You see players on their 15th prestige that can't play worth **** and are only there because they've been playing crapily for a long time while there are other players that are only on their second or third prestige and
  5. sad how you people are so jealous of my collection, you try to laugh at me and put me down, shame on all of you who try to belittle me.. Accept that someone is better than you and be true to everyone and yourself without letting your jealous rage be the cause for trying to put another person down. You guys are pros in denial. It's ok though, haters are a plenty and they will always hate people that are better than them, so I'm used to it...
  6. tell us, what does it mean to you to have your collection of event items?? It's proof that I'm a pro....
  7. LOL good luck getting a legit laser robot I got my laser robot from Raknar few days after he obtained it from the event as he was an event host for that event. Mine is legit. No Doubt.
  8. the video quality isn't very good, were you playing on an old school tv? or is it because of the method of recording or rendering software ?
  9. haha no i don't, i quit from september to march (back when 83 was cap) and just came back like a week and a half ago understandable. congrats on that junbao.
  10. i still got all my original event pets that i earned :D no worry aboout poofs you've played since then and still don't have a 90 builder !?!?
  11. I wish I was around for the events as obtaining any event item is so hard since it only ends up going poof yea, there are a few ways to avoid losing it if ur not sure ur item is duped. Keep ur tavern floor full if hosting online. Try not to join other lobbies with the item equipped or with the hero that has it equipped. Or just keep it in a tavern that you never go online with.
  12. Actually decided not to post more pics of additional event pets because it was only a few more pets, i.e. 2 more skittles, a laser robot a mana troll and another shenron. thought I had more....anyways still haven't seen any of you post any proof of a better/bigger collection so I'm winner until proven wrong in my book.....
  13. Think that's the best Hulud in game, Is that right ?
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