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  1. you're banned for continuing this ridiculous quote inside of a quote inside of a quote.
  2. Barb where's my barb? I want my barb. Now for real question; When is the barb currently slated for release?
  3. You're banned for quoting a quote that was quoted!
  4. So i posted both these questions in the DD1 forums apparently. The alpha question was basically when will the game be considered "released" and not early access anymore. In regards to the barbarian question is there any timeframe of when the Barb will be released? I do enjoy the classes that have been released already but i am REALLY looking forward to the Barb release as it was my favorite character in DD1. Please tell me it's coming soon!
  5. yeah.....realizing now that i posted 2 posts in the wrong forum.....awesome!
  6. did i post this in the wrong forum? sheeeminy christmas
  7. Am I mistaken or is the game still technically in Alpha? If that's the case any indication on "release" date or even "beta release" date?
  8. Does anyone know when the barb will be released? It's definitely the one I want to play right meow. Devs I'm looking at you!
  9. 9 for the win, here's hoping no devs jump in here to *** with it!
  10. So I don't know if this is the right forum but if i have 4 characters in my deck and 1 is lvl 50 (or more) does the character that isn't level 50 (if there is one) get all the xp? Or does the XP still roll evenly between all of the characters. Or is it completely different and all characters get 100% of the xp, ie 150k xp is given in a map and each character gets 150k or is it split evenly between the 4 ie 37500 per. Not accounting for the 20% xp spheres you can add. Thanks!
  11. I truly haven't been on DD2 since shortly after release of early access for everyone on steam and not just for us councilors. I have to agree with Gig though looking at a lot of those problems he mentioned I have to agree wholeheartedly. I believe that integration with the steam workshop would be fantastic. Do something like the TF2 model of monetization and make the items trendy designs cost an amount, but give the community at large the ability to add costume customization as well. A thing that could be done that we've seen Valve do with TF2 frequently is they will see that a skin in the steam workshop is doing truly phenomenally and they will approach the designer and ask if they would like to sell their skin to Valve to use in TF2 as a paid skin they add stats to. Now keep in mind with cosmetic aspects to DD2 being just that cosmetic it doesn't really work in the same way. That being said I think having the ability for us to spend $ on keys to use on the lock-boxes that we can open to get skins and then turn around and make a profit on our own through the steam workshop would be a great idea, it would definitely bring me back to the game as i would be able to make enough that way potentially to feed my other addictions and that's steam sales :). I haven't done much as it pertains to pets and skill spheres, but I trust Gig has done a lot of work to know what he's referring to. I was not aware also that once you hit 50 you basically turn into a "i only build walls" or "i only build lightning auras" and that's all your class was good for. Please, please, please fix that. Last 2 points, and a portion of this will be question based, what is the scavenger? How does it work? Auto collect bags? Really? Why not stick with the old model of the temporary Item Box? What was flawed about the TIB that it had to be changed? I also want to look like a pink robin hood with pantaloons instead of tights, and you know what I think I want my character to look like I've tasted the rainbow. I will close by stating sorry for any misspelling on my part, and for any really really bad typing errors as it pertains to grammar needless to say it was not my strong suit in school.
  12. IMO post this on the suggestion forum, if it gets enough support devs might consider something that would work well for this.
  13. I guess your friends missed the memo that basically is that the game isn't even released yet, but no biggie DD2 will be here when they decide to return.
  14. So one thing I want to remind everyone about in regards to the wipeageddon is that the game is still in alpha. I understand people being upset that they put in time and effort into leveling up your characters, and getting the gear, but if you remember the game hasn't been released yet. At this point the game is still in "alpha" or "beta" not sure exactly how you would list this. That being said I think Trendy are doing a lot for everyone in giving what they are giving, and if you think about it they really don't have to do this. They have never said there will be no more wipes, they said they would try to avoid it, and i think that people have gotten to the point of believing there would be no more wipes. No matter how you cut it the game has not been released so you should not expect that things won't change, or that wipes won't be necessary. Some will be upset with me, but I think those that complain that the wipe is happening don't truly understand a pre-release, early access, or alpha/beta test. NO GAME in the past in Alpha or Beta has ever not had a wipe, and none of them gave you anything special other than knowledge on how to level faster.
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