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  1. Anything prior to copters and the chessboard map before they "fixed" the difficulty level. ;-) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  2. Whether a quick save, host pass-off, or a timer, for the love of Pete please put in some kind of disconnect protection. This was by far the most frustrating aspect of DD1 for me. (I don't think this actually has a thread of its own, but if so I didn't see it and I apologize.) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  3. I think most of the power leveling was for folks' 3rd, 4th, 5th characters, etc. I for one sure wouldn't want to have to grind the hard way after the first time through. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  4. I essentially quit playing due to the disconnect issues. That and the copters. That said, I agree with just about all of the article's points. The risk-reward ratio for higher survival levels was way out of whack. About the only time I got anything decent gear wise was when they first released that chess level (forget the name), which they quickly patched. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  5. FYI you can do it solo using an EV or Jester and a portal gun. (maybe hunter/ess if you're ridiculously skilled, but you need something to kill the megacupid with.) Wall up the crystals and some good auras will take down the trash mobs.
  6. I do think it is random, but but my personal story is that I got an Ult weapon first time out. Haven't seen one since in about 30 or so tries. (not counting one Ult Standard I did get later on)
  7. In my opinion, the copters have made most non-retail content impossible for the average player (speaking about survival primarily). It has been the case for a long while that you need better equipment to beat most levels than you can obtain in a reasonable amount of time actually farming that level. The introduction of copters, with no changes to available DU has exacerbated that problem to a ridiculous degree.
  8. Ah.. I assumed since it was an Unreal game there would be some equivalent to the old "stat fps" console command.
  9. Sorry, dumb question but I can't seem to find this anywhere. How do you get your FPS count to show ingame?
  10. I just wish they would move gas traps to the lowest priority. Very annoying to try and upgrade anything near a trap. Heck it'll ignore NON upgraded defenses to try and 4 or 5 star a gas trap, and those are generally the LAST thing I want to upgrade.
  11. I do a fair amount of NMHC boss Rush for fun. I have noticed in the last couple of days that I am am getting one-shotted by the Krakens (or virtually one shotted; happens so fast I can't really tell what has does it exactly). Anyone else experience this? I wonder if they changed something.
  12. Well there must be something larger going on. How hard can it be to alter one data point?
  13. I've gotten some pretty decent pawn shots. My main problem with most of them however is a massive negative reload speed. They are either mediocre myths or Trans and above with negative reload.
  14. Have you done them all on hardcore? If your queued up map is HC and you have not done all the shards on HC, the portal will not appear.
  15. I sell mediocre myths for 5 mil to 30 or so, depending on the piece. Less than 5 and you are likely to make more money selling outright. Really nice pieces, i. e. 200 or 300s in the right configuration (all 4 tower stats for example) I have priced at 50 mil to up to 300 or so and they seem to move reasonably well. Many myths are better than Trans. I've done a lot of shopping in my time and this seems to be consistent with the marketplace. One interesting practice I have seen is to price according to the number of ups (261 ups = 261 mil). Don't worry know how much success those players
  16. I got a decent Trans pet reward my first run. However since then I have only gotten myths and goalies. Probably about a dozen runs all total.
  17. For a short while after release it was possible to skip to the end using another survival map's level selection. It's safe to assume that all of the legendary skins you run into either used (I won't say abused - hey, it was part of the game) the glitch to try repeatedly with the quick turn around time OR use the quick turn around time to get enough reps with the boss to learn his patterns so that they eventually could do it legitimately. I can't imagine anyone insane enough to invest the time it takes to learn this map/maps now.
  18. I thought I read somewhere that when they talk percentages in this way, it has to do with the "ramp up", so it would be a 15% deduction per wave. Don't quote me on that though.
  19. Probably just bad luck. Successfully ran campaign once with an afk the last round and got 1 myth + 1 supreme pawn shot.
  20. That should make a difference. The big problem right now is running to and fro to the chests for the mana doesn't leave you with time to do more than throw down a few stopgap defenses and pray they survive.
  21. OP got me all excited with that first sentence about mini ogres. Then I realized these weren't the official notes
  22. I tried the newly nerfed campaign mode last night (first time I've tried since the big buff). To say that this is easier than Aquanos is incorrect by a long shot. It took me a few tries to be able to throw something out there that would survive the first round, and even when I succeeded it was by the skin of my teeth. I can breeze through Aquanos (and the Kraken about 50% of the time), but this map makes it very hard to last through the first wave of ogres.
  23. I have stated before that I am amazed at how quickly Trendy gets their patches out. However, it appears that they do this at the cost of any decent testing prior to release. The hypothetical conversation above is probably uncomfortably close to the truth. The fact that these ridiculous imbalances make it through their internal testing stage shows something is amiss. Did the testers actually report that copter ogres were a "fair" addition, especially as originally released, prior to the long succession of nerfs? How did they fail to even get in the ballpark on assessing the difficulty level
  24. I have always wondered this myself. Assumed it had something to do with the map selection (assault maybe?) but have never been curious enough to chase it down.
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