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  1. Haha, right? Horrible hero but AT LEAST I CAN RUN WOOO!!! :D!
  2. Good Lord ahahahahaha xD I'm just going to have it as a fail pet lol. Never wasting money on it :D
  3. Epic win alright... Starting bid: 2billion mana!!!!!!! :D:D:D! *Edit* Yes, this is a joke. Just wanted to show you how awesome it is!
  4. I totally agree. My friends and I already nicknamed this a "Police type of game" lol. If you have good gear with great stats on it or a wep with great stats on it, you get called a hacker all the time. It gets annoying fast. Even lvling fast gets you branded as a hacker now lol. These players are reporting everyone now. So that alone is keeping the hacking down. So it's a Lose-Win type of situation lol. Get annoyed, less hackers.
  5. Well thank you for the pic anyways. I still can't believe it until I see it lol. 90m dps is just absurd. There wouldn't be much of a challenge anymore lol. The Wiki says the Sandstone Sledge's max ^ is 245 though I might not agree with it. Anyways I will be looking for a 300^ Sandstone Sledge now lol. Thanks for the info good sir. :D:D
  6. 300^ trans are hard to come by and find. I've ran the maps to 30 on NMHC a lot of times and never found a 300 wep. And the new Supreme weps I know they can but I haven't run into any yet. And I still would like the pic lol ;) <3 I already used the calculator to find that out haha.
  7. Nope, hahahaha. I've never seen a 300 wep and never seen a wep have such high base damage. My mind is going crazy right now xD!
  8. Nice to know lol. But I need to see to believe hahaha.
  9. 80k base damage what the hell ahahahah! I've never seen such a thing before xD (Unless 40k each wep) Wheeew. Would be pretty insane. Thought I still put my money 90m dps is hacked lol. Would love to see the stats to those weps lol.
  10. I agree. The people who make Public games and have the name like, "Join and you will be kicked" and/or just kick everyone out of the game constantly are annoying and deserve to get a kick in the face :D! Just ignore them like I do haha. Some of them kick because of the level though, stats, so on. Some people take this game to seriously.
  11. I agree with #1 100%. #2 They should just add like a "safe build time" of like 30 secs ONLY for the very first round when you join the map. After 30 secs you should be pretty set up then you are allowed to hit G after that 30 secs is up. + The countdown time you should be fine. #3 I think kicking the players is still the best option here. They will only be able to loot like 3 things by the time you kick them so it's not a big problemo. #4 I also believe kicking is the best option. They will probably only delete like 2 things by the time you kick them. Unless you go AFK then it's your fa
  12. I don't care how technical you want to be lol, as long as it says DPS in game, it's DPS to me. Pretty sure that is what the Dummys are for. I'm not really seeing as how DOT's have anything to do with DD. I can't think of 1 skill that does DOT damage. Though I may be wrong.
  13. 23mill total or 23mill dps? If DPS, you will have been the first barb I've ever seen hit over 10m DPS and the highest DPS I've seen in game in any class ever. So I will be a pretty skeptical. Now, 23mill total would be like 11.5m DPS. I guess I could figure those numbers with good Trans weps and decent gear for a barb. :D
  14. 90mill DPS = 180 mill damage. I guarantee this person was hacking. I have a pretty decent Trans set with the 30% increase bonus and a nice DPS pet. I got about 2500 Str, 1k blood and Circular strike and I am pulling close to 15mill DPS. So unless Supreme armor is like 50 times better then Trans I highly doubt 90mill dps is possible. I would consider 10mill being good DPS. 1mill DPS is pretty low. My Chicken pet can pull out more then 1m DPS alone.
  15. I believe Trendy is most likely already working on some type of program that will be able to tell if an item has been modified in the future. They already know there is hackers and you know they are probably trying to fix this problem. I figure instead of doing a little program that checks things, they might as well make a full Anti-Hack shield, ya'know? "-OR- they would have to be exchanged for somewhat similar items." I remember back in the day when they did this in Runescape and they lost SOOOOO many people lol. I myself would Become pretty irritated if they did this. People would then
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