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  1. Honestly, I just want ONE thing. Trendy: 1. Get 4 people. 2. One plays Apprentice. 3. One plays Monk. 4. One plays EV. 5. One plays Summoner. Start all characters at level 1. Using ONLY gear you find (nothing you buy, and nothing you farm with a different character) I want you to get ONE character with 2000+ stats. Feel free to sell items in the AFK shop, though. Tell us how long it takes. I'm betting it's a LOT harder than you think it is. I acutally am doing this mostly solo. I have about 1600 hours in and have cleared everythign and had ridiculous gear. I d
  2. I have gotten two amazing weapons from there , the squire sword f'in shoots when u swing it.. so sick. Also the acc's are really cool looking.
  3. Haha from ur other posts i could tell u were a wow guy, then i read the gear check thing. U have some good building instincts, very nice work and well thought out. I luv it when i find terrain that works perfect for my build, nice find for the mage minions and the fb nook.
  4. guess its my turn, add me Sid: Maka or join 60% ers. i was actually ranked #1 for this map for a while till a barb named Fat Sally beat my score.
  5. yes it can be, i mostly run it with my son. but solo is possible. about the stats its very hard to answer, my gear changes alot. also, i hate posting min gear requirement for many reasons. the timer on that map is very very kind. u can set up a pretty nice def every two waves. djinn get stuck off map for me alot but w/e. the hardest part for me is the boss, his knockback has killed me sooooo many f'in times. Side note: got me a 389 up eth staff ^.^
  6. omg ur from rathdrum, my whole family lives there. such a tiny town.
  7. make a summoner they scale weird and with basic stats they can run nm, with support u should do just fine
  8. im going to post a guide on this soon, but for now is there somewhere u get stuck that mabey i can give u a tip for? It would be nice to know where ppl are having issues with this. The thing that i ever die from is the boss knockback and thats only when im out of possition.
  9. iphex add me on steam Sid: Maka or join the group 60% ers ill work with u to find builds for ur stats
  10. Kandar's builds are fairly out of date. iphex was also looking for guides for the new stuff which is what ppl seem to be stuck on. I get msgs all the time for help with sky city and crys dim. Ill start posting the builds i use again with the summoner updates. But they may not help u alot, I think 800-1500 stats maybe a stretch for some of the newer content but ill give it a shot to make em rock solid for lower stats.
  11. Not what i meant at all, sorry if i sounded short. But making pure summoner builds is doable but not easy. I was just saying try a few more maps before u call it to easy. Sorry for thr miss-understanding Edit: my porblem with his post is he was saying no support would be needed with the summoner.
  12. I think changing all the builds is the next step tbh, adding maybe heal aura for minonins, going no wall let ogres replace walls... Etc Not rethinking the way we build would be silly
  13. isnt needed though tbf i did the first 3 lvls on nm on a lvl 70 suminer although adding all that would make it even more esay than it already is o.o Try a couple more maps than the first three before u post.
  14. I did it like this today, might update the guide with it. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060540022/screenshot/542928136062476818?tab=public It was 100% afkable, I was at work and the 3 ppl that were in the game died and they still made it. Edit: I wont be posting any updates for awhile. I'm thinking the summoner is gunna change how we set **** up.
  15. Lemurians come much higher than 250^. They spawn the same ups as any other sup. Highest I have found is 325. It ended up around 36k dmg, dun remeber the base but u can do the math.
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