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  1. See titel :-) I only have seen 3 on every other map i have played. So i guess one is missing on Siphon Site D (i played NM1). EDIT: Sry, wrong sub-forum. Can someone push it in to the tech/bug forum?
  2. Hi :-) I have noticed a bug with the latest hotfix. I was playing Forgotten Ruins NM1 and from wave 5 on (till 7) the double oger spawn in the midlane are allways blocking themself. The good thing: u can attack and kill them behind the spawn with the secoundary attack from the mage and after one of them dies the other one will move. Here's a picture: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515986078
  3. Fail ... i now know from what it's coming from. :D Its the Oily Harpone Sphere I ... i should read what i equip. ^^ Can be closed =)
  4. Both options didnt work. Even naked my squire had these reduced stats.
  5. Hi there, i noticed a strange bug today. Someone in the social taver shot at my balista with his besty staff (the one that curse an area), now my balista has a reduced dmg stat. :-( I restarted the game but the reduced dmg stat stays. Here is a screenshot of it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=511691260
  6. I think we are all agree, that in the current state (of the game) the Boostaura (unupgraded) is too strong. Im fine with the +100 % DPS, but it should not be reached with just place the aura.
  7. i think thats still too much ... u would still end up at +70-80% dps +armorbonus (~15-20 %?). With my method, u are capped at +50% dps +armorbonus
  8. Extra 17% on 6+ towers is totally worth it, imo, though I usually upgrade the boost last. 1,062 DP 16.62% bonus to Boost Aura's defense damage boost. ( using a 85-ish weapon with no DP, just for the 5.12% boost bonus; haven't found anything better yet) Im not at the "Endgame" atm, but is the +100% Bonus nessassary in 25+ and 25++? Im feelin pretty safe with my stats and i play at hard difficult and even the +40% are way overpowered. i do like the idee with start "weak" and get "strong". Now it is = start strong, finish! :-D
  9. +100% DMG Bonus from an unupgraded Boostaura to +120% at t5? Thats even worse :-D The DMG steps inbetween the upgrades must be higher and start lower ... How much Defensepower do you have for that bonus?
  10. Hello fellow Defenders first of all, sry for my english, it is not my motherlanguage. I have a lvl 22 Monk and i noticed, that the boost aura is scaled badly... I have ~700 Defensepower and the boostaura pushes my DPS for ~40 % (unupgraded). When i upgrade the aura, it only pushes for another ~2 %. In my opionen, it scales way to much for the unupgraded version and way to low for upgrades. A possible way to let the upgrades worth more: Let Auras still scales with Defensepower. 100 Defenspower = 1 % more Dmg for the unupgraded and the upgrades status. If u upgrade the aura, it gets the basic +x% Dmg. Rounded up at x51 Defensepower and is hardcapped at 1000 Defensspower for a maximum of 10 % Dmg. For example, u have 570 Defensepower, unupgraded Boostaura has +6% Dmg, 1. upgrade you get another +6% Dmg (Total +12%), 2. upgrade another +6% Dmg and so on... I hope you guys get what i want to say. :-D Another option could be, that the boostaura should scales with Herodamage and serenity aura with Herohealth. If these 2 auras scale with heropower/-health, you have to think about your playstyle (DPS with Support-Auras, Hybrid, Tower-DPS). What is your opinion about the boostaura and how could it be better that it is now?
  11. Sure, i can do it with active dps chars, but its not possible with 4 afk anymore! :) But y need to do a LOT of repair! This map isnt good anymore (acept for Campaign). Back to basics. :D
  12. won't work on 7.40b :( or my stats are to low :D
  13. i got own'd too ... but in a positiv way! :D http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045931686/screenshot/1153172334238545734?tab=public
  14. It only gets the boost when its not activatet atm Best way to solve this ... Start the wave ~> activate Towerboost ~> activate Trap by your self. :-) It last as long your trap does. My english su**s i hope you get what i want to say :D
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