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  1. I've done this on insane, but not nightmare yet. Can the insane version have > 2000 base dmg? Will the nightmare version also by mythical? What is the chance that it is trans/sup? Thanks!
  2. Even if the huntress is not good at putting out dps, it has helped in the past, at least, to be able to invis repair defenses and such.
  3. My wife, my friend and I have a little 3 person adventuring party, and our dps characters are a squire, barbarian, and huntress respectively. In nightmare, I feel somewhat responsible fore Djinn defense, and my current strat is to basically get my personal damage and my piercing shot as high as possible, in hopes that I can interrupt their casting. I have little conception as to how personal damage scales in Nightmare. Is this viable? Should I level my weapon's physical damage or elemental damage? What is reduced more in Nightmare? I am just not sure what will and will not be effectiv
  4. Hmm... i would have expected some sort of reply by this point. Are Countesses/Huntressess/EV's just that useless??? Help!
  5. Me, my wife, and my friend have been going through the game together. We're 70-72ish, countess/apprentice, huntress/ev, and monk/barb. We've remained largely insulated from the community, so we're probably pretty noobish, and I was hoping I could get some more experienced opinions. Basically, we've been rolling defense specced apprentice/EV/monk, and dmg specced countess/huntress/barbarian. My friend just got the barbarian from 1-70 the other night, and now, we are all thinking about rolling barbarians to help do nightmare. Is this a mistake? Is there some purpose to dmg specced counte
  6. My wife and I did hard difficulty on Misty Veil, I think the name was.... level with the fat spider boss. I got two items I'd never seen before, a quill and a mask, both of which had a few little stats and a couple upgrade levels, and when equipped, went to the top of my character "sheet." It didn't look like even when upgraded, they would have much stats, but they were visible when worn, so I thought they may be desirable. I couldn't find any in any shops though, so I was like, "I'll just post these for 200 million a piece." This was roughly 10 times more mana than I have completely a
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