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  1. Hey during my event with Tito yesterday he told me that the final dlc will be out by the end of this month with the patch for aquanos. nice to know, thanks :)
  2. im basically waiting for the final shard dlc. is freezing still not fixed yet?
  3. have not been playing for the past month. anything new that happened? update, patches, dlc's? anything? im bored
  4. looks like im not playing till shards 4. im bored of this game now..
  5. hopefully they'll change the upgrade scaling on the next patch.
  6. How would you build this? For example: app>monk>trap>squire ? app>squire>monk(wave1 shouldve started)>huntress there's a specific way to get the mana too o.o if you dont get it the right way, you will be behind and be stuck w/ squire during wave 1
  7. only one way to find out :p
  8. here's mine if you haven't foind a good one yet :3 http://ddplanner.com/?l=7741,moraggo-insane-savior
  9. Do you have anymore free kairi's or giraffes? :O no, but i will have this again probably in the future
  10. i think upgrading in this game isn't worth the mana. at like 5 stars i only get around 800 dmg added into my turrets.. :/
  11. I would love to still have the giraffe...I didn't catch ya yesterday.. hehe.. maybe we could hook up in the morning :D yes i'll try and give it to you on the morning. :3 btw im in PST.
  12. any giraffes left anyone will do just looking for decent pet for tower boost :huntress: ehh i have 2 remaining, but they're on hold.. if they dont claim then you can have.
  13. That is fine, just send me a friend request. One tip, it is easier to do if you have a decent soul focuser. i do actually o: 2500 base or so.
  14. Well i had progress today, i got the boss down to 19k before my defenses gave way and the monsters got to the crystal...it's not that the djinns desummoned them this time but becuase I think they're still to weak to keep up with the onsault of the monsters....but atleast i'm getting really close now. :D I think i'll just go armor hunting for awhile for my heros...maybe that will help?? if you look at my build i dont use any bouncers but use mage walls that has 11.3k hp o: they are less likely to go down w/ fire traps and the 3 main auras. and just incase a turret or cballs to try and f
  15. Kairie 34^ PSN: buddylam Sorry about not responding, I fell asleep. no problem and alrighty
  16. i need help on portal defense too if you are willing to take me on your run as well eagle454302
  17. A couple of times a week I will host a public lobby. The only time I kick is if they don't have a headset, or if I see them running for all of the chests and not healing/repairing first. That is after giving them a warning. I don't mind helping people to level up. I run glitter at least 5-6 times a night, some nights more then that. It just depends on who all is online. i do the same thing. after im done whatever im doing solo i like to host pubs and help out on summit/glit/misty. one reason i kick if they build (im hosting, therefore you can assume im building, you get more xp if you
  18. Very interesting...hmmm...let's say the boss teleported and I ran around and killed all the ogres/Djinns on the map, will more just keep spawning as im fighting the boss at the same time? Or is it that once the boss teleports a new wave of Djinns/Ogres will start to spawn? Thank you for the advice X_SaVioR_X...I'll try out your build too, looks great! :D that i don't know, but i have done it that way, basically priorities djinns>ogres>boss. well as soon as the boss spawns i can instantly send him teleporting again and scan the map for more djinns/ogres. This will probably slow down
  19. "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the trolliest of them all" - what could this event possibly be? I don't think it would be Aquanos. The game freezes with 4. Personally, I think it is a much needed break for them. They spend 15 hours a weekend hosting. My hat is off to you. good point. i was thinking aquanos w/ the mirrors, but i guess it cant hold 4 people
  20. i'm home...finally..lol..u still have the 36^ giraffe? :) yes i do, i will be home after i take my finals. 12-12:30pm PST
  21. 34 giraffe plz if its still available if not then a 34 kairie psn: Prodigy_TalenT alright gotcha
  22. your build should be working fine. you should just keep an eye out for djinns as well during the boss round. as soon as the boss teleports, remember where the purple mist goes and look for the map for ogres/djinns and kill them asap then go to where the boss teleported. just incase you wanna use a diff build.. i use this one http://ddplanner.com/?l=7741,moraggo-insane-savior you really just have to keep an eye out for them
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