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  1. Hey during my event with Tito yesterday he told me that the final dlc will be out by the end of this month with the patch for aquanos. nice to know, thanks :)
  2. im basically waiting for the final shard dlc. is freezing still not fixed yet?
  3. have not been playing for the past month. anything new that happened? update, patches, dlc's? anything? im bored
  4. looks like im not playing till shards 4. im bored of this game now..
  5. hopefully they'll change the upgrade scaling on the next patch.
  6. How would you build this? For example: app>monk>trap>squire ? app>squire>monk(wave1 shouldve started)>huntress there's a specific way to get the mana too o.o if you dont get it the right way, you will be behind and be stuck w/ squire during wave 1
  7. only one way to find out :p
  8. here's mine if you haven't foind a good one yet :3 http://ddplanner.com/?l=7741,moraggo-insane-savior
  9. Do you have anymore free kairi's or giraffes? :O no, but i will have this again probably in the future
  10. i think upgrading in this game isn't worth the mana. at like 5 stars i only get around 800 dmg added into my turrets.. :/
  11. I would love to still have the giraffe...I didn't catch ya yesterday.. hehe.. maybe we could hook up in the morning :D yes i'll try and give it to you on the morning. :3 btw im in PST.
  12. any giraffes left anyone will do just looking for decent pet for tower boost :huntress: ehh i have 2 remaining, but they're on hold.. if they dont claim then you can have.
  13. That is fine, just send me a friend request. One tip, it is easier to do if you have a decent soul focuser. i do actually o: 2500 base or so.
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