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  1. Alrighty peeps, I know I said a week but I got caught up in work and couldn't get on till this morning. I won't be able to trade the winner their stuff till Monday, but the winner is Sox207 with his story about finding the community through farming Easter eggs for his friends :) Thanks all for the wonderful stories and I hope that it just makes ya'll remember how awesome we were and how awesome we can be.
  2. Spoopy scurry Halloweens bump! 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻
  3. Alright guys, everybody go home, we have our winner here. For real tho, there were many of those days ;)
  4. So as very few of you know, I just recently was informed of DD2 being Free to Play. One of the main reasons I didn't initially hop onto DD2 after playing this game for so long was the price for an unfinished product. Well, that price is now gone and I am happily enjoying my newbie traverse through Trendy's Alpha of DD2. While doing so, I've been starting to remember my past crusades in DD1 and all the friends I made along the way. In doing so, I also remember that as my final act of trading before leaving this game for other ventures, I acquired a certain rare pair of traceable Armguards of Fire. The point I'm trying to get to here is that I would like to giveaway these precious Guards to whoever can give me their fondest memory of DD1. Whether that be discovering you could float to the top of Throne Room as EV, or finally landing that amazing RNG Ult++ Glad you were always wanting. There are no limitations to this, and I'll pick the person with the most awesometastical serotonin-inducing memory of the game a week from now to receive the Guards. So commence the remembrance and let us all revel in the times we had :) Trace: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/108669/wttwta-armguards-of-fire?page=3 Screenshot:  Example: When I came back to this game after over a year, it was with a couple of friends from my TF2 Trading community. We were there just in time to sign up for the Incredible Pet Race event. It was my first ever event and I was excited. I ironically ended up getting run by bamboobear and clocked in a time that put me in 9th place for overall time out of everyone who ran the event. The amount of happiness I got when they gave me the items was awesome. I never thought they were going to give me so many items, especially from events I had missed in the past (Norths, Vile's Clutch, Jason Mask, Speed Freak Feather were just a few I can remember). It was just an awesome time for me and so I continued to participate in the events every time they happened up until the final Trendy sponsored event.
  5. Last Bumparoni. Bid now or forever hold your peace.
  6. Well market on every item always fluctuates for sure. I think the value on these has come down quite considerably since most the old guard has left and those that remain dont have that much to put toward them as you said. Good luck though. Yeah... Still disappointed though :C Anyway, 1 more bump after this and then we'll call it quits.
  7. Seems like no one is really interested nor does anyone really have as much to offer as I thought :/ I'll give this auction 2 more bumps and then call it quits. Reminder: I'm now accepting armor.
  8. C/O :) Putting up prices for armor now. I've been slack in the rush to pay my bills.
  9. Bump! Still working on a value list, had to work last night, so it didn't get done :/
  10. Thanks Mk :P Update Bump! I am now going to accept armor as well. After much discussion, I realize most of the events have moved out with all the oldies. So to compensate, I will now take armor. I've also decided to put up a price list on the main post and that will be up soon or later today.
  11. So, I have traceable Fires that I can't do anything with. I don't play anymore and thus do not want armor at all, only events. Sweet sweet precious events. I also paid 2k cubes worth for this puppy, so if the offers aren't up to snuff, I won't be parting with these babies. Feel free to take a crack at it, though :) Trace: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/108669/wttwta-armguards-of-fire?page=3 Good luck all. Armor Prices: ++ pieces: 25-125 cubes depending on stats and such + pieces: 10-30 cubes depending on stats and such Capping Ult sets: 125 cubes Close Capping Ult sets (10-30 points off capping overall, not per piece): 50 cubes Capping Sup set: 25 cubes These are rough prices, so depending on Person Man's evaluation, you may get more or less value from your armor. C/O is... [[20702,users]] quote: 1 Radiation 1 Magi 1 Rainmaker 1 Amor 1 Shield of Mirrors 1 Aladdins ...not sure what else i have LOL
  12. Personally, I'd like to have just a Valve centered Easter Egg sequence much like the sequence in Moonbase, however at the end of this sequence, you unlock the secret Tavern room filled with only pictures of Gaben and an altar you can sacrifice a weapon to and receive a Gaben buff where you either get something good (Episode 3 button) or something bad (cheeseburger button) For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, there was a joke that they gave Gaben a desk with 2 buttons, one gives him a cheeseburger and the other releases Episode 3, he chose the cheeseburger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Many is an understatement my friend. I personally handed out well over 1400 in game. Sadly, I even accidentally gave away my own personal prototype items. Somewhere out there in cyberspace are some that have 500 available upgrades. Sweet Jesus Eagle, I bet the people that got those were confused but ecstatic O_o Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You forgot to mention me for politely being a pain in your butt on the event auctions :P You would always win, but I'd make sure I went down swinging at your item box hehe. Sad to see you go mkjo, but I will be posting one of these sometime soon as I feel like there is nothing for me to do on DD1. It was fun getting to talk to you and trade with you and whatnot. Good luck in the future, friend, and don't farm yourself too sick in DD:E XD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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