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  1. Hi all, I just started playing this game on pc about a week ago and i have some questions for anyone who wants to answer. 1.What is the best way to farm trans armor? and what are the required stats/class needed to do it. 2.which character should i level up first? 3.which character is the best for ranged dps? 4.what is the best aura weapon for a monk? That is all for now thanks in advance.
  2. They might have been able to recode some things so that RAM was used more efficiently. I just wouldn't think that this game couldn't be optimized to work with all the dlc because of RAM when BF3 works just fine. Do you not understand the difference between an arcade game and a retail disc game?
  3. I have a level 75 huntress with 191k dps (yeah i know its crap that's why i need help) and i would very much like to get her to 78 before the patch, if anyone could help me out that would be awesome. I would do it myself but i cannot do glitterhelm or any of the dlc maps by myself because my other characters are even worse. ps: I am not 12. Also xbox, forgot to put in the title.
  4. GT: elfman69 I need help getting my characters to 78 before the patch. I am always on and I am not 12.
  5. I need help getting my characters to 74-78 they're all 70 now but i can't do mistymire or gliterhelm on insane. so if anyone wants to help me out or play together message me. No mods please. GT:elfman69
  6. What is the logical purpose in going outside? its hot out there and there are bugs. Stay inside and you will be better off.
  7. looking for people to play with on xbox. i have a level 74 100k dps huntress need to level up my other charecters as well. Feel free to message me anytime. GT:elfman69
  8. Where do i go and what do i do to play the event??
  9. LOL i doubt there are any 50-65 year olds playing this game... if there are thats kinda sad... How is that sad? you dumb or something?
  10. i'm on all day send me message if you wanna play.
  11. why is it that every game i join (on xbox) all the players have mods and insta-boot? why does nobody play legit anymore, i have yet to find a game where the host doesn't have a sword the size of the map and/or i just get booted for no reason. If anyone wants to play legit add me i have 4 level 70's and the dlc. GT:elfman69
  12. I get kicked out of every game i join, its gets really old. add me if you wanna play i got 4 LEGIT level 70's GT:elfman69 i'm on most of the day Add me im always willing to play
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