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  1. I would like to see a Pink Donkey named Babois Lady!!!! Its got to smile like the king of laughter!!!!!
  2. This does sound quite nice, and it brings an old fogey out of retirement! Long live Etheria!
  3. I love your wish, but as with any online game, there will be the people who like to start things. Nothing we can do but press on! The community has been good to me and I appreciate the time I spent playing. I haven't been much lately, been too busy playing on my phone haha! Stay happy my friend!
  4. you need to not take a hit and no crystal damage to see the 3x's xp silly This.......Yeah!!!
  5. The worth has gone down because the weapons are too high. Most people who farm Morrago alot have high upgrade weapons and kill the boss with the Apprentice so they have no need for a Soda. I don't even know of any collecters who are trying to get any now so it would only be worth a lot to someone who needed it for Morrago, and those people usually don't have much to trade anyway! Its in a sad area where you won't get much for it! So it is a pretty keepsake in the long run!
  6. That is around the high point, it might go a few points higher but that is probably right around the best of the best for the PS3 anyway!
  7. Shots per second on the shaitan do not change after 12 sps, that is all you need for that. Farming for high weapons is all about the luck of the draw, some people have it and some dont. I hardly ever pull anything that is good. Most people are leveling up on misty now due to the quick and higher xp on insane +
  8. Good post! It is nice to hear about the community helping each other and the thanks thereafter! Enjoy the game and keep on defending!
  9. Classic is holding the UD giveaways, any questions regarding them should be asked in a PM as to not clutter the forum with posts. Thank you for your understanding!
  10. It would be nice, but it has been discussed before and it is just not in the cards for us! Oh well right! At least the game is fun!
  11. No update as of yet guys, but the OP will be updated when a decision has been made! Keep on checking...Let the suspense build!
  12. Yes it is a fact, just as the other laser was not showing some of its negative tower stats this one is not showing its positive ones!
  13. Looking forward to seeing who won! It has been a great ride and there are some awesome defenders out there! Good luck guys!
  14. Try to PM Classic about this. It does not mention any restrictions on pets, so with that being said, any pet should be fine! If he wants to limit the pets, he will update the post! Good luck to all of you, this will be a tough event!
  15. Yes, Laura is a community manager that helps with various things including making various event pets and helping with the Trendy Events! It is an ode to her for all of her hard work for the community!
  16. I believe that there is no building, you will only have the three spike blockades and everything else is DPS
  17. Yes Classic will reveal the information either Thu or Fri, he is doing this to ensure that the events are a fun surprise and to add to the difficulty. We are going out with a bang and want to make these last few events fun and challenging! Just keep an eye out for a post from Classic!
  18. You wont be done, you just cannot attack or anything like that. If you are wearing a pet that will help the defenses, you have to go stand by another player and then your pet can assist the defenses! Good luck to all you guys!
  19. The choices of which participant to play each class will be up to the group that is playing! You will get a chance to discuss strategy before the event starts and decide who will be which class. As for the slice and dice, I will get back to you, I believe that if the slice and dice goes down then nothing will be done, I could be wrong, I will see if Classic or Vincent have anything to add. But it is my assumption that the host will build the initial 3 and then not build again. I will post again if I get a definite answer.
  20. It's such a waste of time? Your posting here right, doesn't that make it twice the waste of time. He is entitled to his opinion as much as your are. I'm sure a Mod will close the thread soon enough but you guys need to stop harassing him cause his nose isn't up Trendy's butt. There is no harassing, it is just a simple observation! If you do not like a game, then why would you go through the trouble of joining the community of that game?
  21. Sorry about your luck, the drops are random and it can take a long time to finally get on a good lucky streak! It took me a very large amount of runs before I pulled my first 100 upgrade item! And I have still never pulled anything that is super high either. It is all about repetition and luck! Just keep trying, eventually you will get things that are higher. The best map to pull high upgrade weapons is Morrago on Insane just in case that isn't where you are farming now
  22. Giraffes come at the completion of 25, which is the victory level!
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