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  1. I don't think mixed effects it, only the drops. I'm not sure tho.
  2. Level 15 of INHC Ramparts... pretty nice I didn't know they dropped on insane... Nice find, I have seen some on Insane HC before, but not much.
  3. It's possible someone has a really poor upload connection and can't handle everyone in the map? What maps are you playing and do you have the same issue if you and a friend were to play The Deeper Well on medium for a quick round or two? We have Problem in all maps.
  4. Everytime i play my friend's game, or they play mine we have almost unplayable lag, any ideas why this is happening?
  5. Or during survival, facing hundreds of wyverns and spiders at the exact same time? I hope so.
  6. Rare, I think i got lucky to find 7 in 25 waves of insane survival.
  7. Just to give you an idea, hard survival rewards mythical djinnlets most times, and they are decent. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Hopefully me, if it will download. EDIT: It has downloaded.
  9. Playing: DD WoW Super Smash Brawl (Wii) Are my main three.
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