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  1. I just FINALLY managed to buy a PS3 last Saturday, and the first thing I wanted to do was to get into the PS3 Dungeon Defenders. But I found out that Gamespy is closing, and Trendy has no plans on coming up with an alternate server for console/nonsteam versions. One of the main reasons I bought a PS3 is so I could play the console version, I feel like a good portion of the reasoning for buying a PS3 is now wasted. On top of that, I found out that Free Realms closed down a while ago too, and eventually, DCUO will be PS4 only. It feels like all of my MMO options for PS3 are closing down, which i
  2. Granted, Monks have HB, which makes themselves (and their pet) into killing machines. But as far as I know, Enemy Drain takes away resistances, which I think makes them weaker against attacks. And unlike HB, it doesn't benefit just one player, but anyone who is attacking/being attacked by the drained enemies as well. Overall, I think Monk is best if you want fast clear times, and Initiate is best if you want safer clears.
  3. Bored playing by myself, I know I could make or join a room, but then I get players who ninja loot, or purposely run down the counter instead of pressing G (I mean they'll move around but won't go collect loot or anything, just waste time). If possible, I would like to get a smurf group going. Only rules are be respectful to other members, no hacking, and you can only trade within the group. My IGN is xxguyxx in case anyone is interested. Edit: Meant to put 1-74. Can a mod fix this for me please?
  4. I'm already in a group but I guess it couldn't hurt to be in another. I started over and I have characters that are around 8-10 so far. I probably won't trade with the group though because I've always had things handed to me and I want to see how good I do with the loot I find myself and in my tavern shop. I don't have Skype though and don't plan to use it, can you add me on Steam? My IGN is xxGuyxx
  5. I can play with you. My steam name is xxguyxx and my Squire has about 1k tower health and about 2k-3.5k in other tower stats. Got a booster EV with about 1.7k in attack and close to that in attack rate and a waller EV with over 2k tower health as well as an aura monk with about 1.5k-2.5k tower attack (not really sure on stats, I'll have to log on and check) and about 900-1k on range and a dps Ranger which I can't remember the stats to, but I think I can do over 1m dps with my Blasticus.
  6. I can help you with mana. Add me on Steam and I'll see if I can take you through Magus Quarters NMHC for mana and TD or King's Game for exp. My Steam name is xxguyxx
  7. I know, I'm already in the group, and it's awesome! Already made some friends from the group and have gotten a lot of help with challenges leveling and farming.
  8. They're different, but they will be connected in various ways, not the least of which is the same roster of heroes is playable in both modes. I can understand the MOBA sentiment, personally, but i think some people rag on their communities too hard. If you don't take things too seriously, it's not so bad, and some good positive reinforcement can help create a more friendly environment. LOL has a number of systems to address this issue and it seems to work fairly well for them- their community is better than most of them despite it being the largest one. Remember, it is just one part of
  9. Before you all start gathering a mob and pitchforks, let me explain. Sure, Squire has walls, but these days most don't use Squire for walls, they use either Summoner or EV for that. Sure, they have harps which pierce and do good damage and attack fast, but Apprentice has Fireball towers which splash, attack much faster, clump mobs together, and do more damage. Even their MM towers are good with a buff beam backing them up. You can get 2 MM for one harp, and not only can they be placed closer together, they have a much faster firing rate as well. And their Magic Blockades are far from useless
  10. I think Tavern Defense is pretty good for both loot and exp. Goblin copters are taken care of by my poons and auras, so they're not a problem. It's those damn super ogres that are a problem. But I'm working on a DPS Monk and once I get him to 74 I'll be buying some DPS gear and a seahorse and camping the outer crystal (it's always the outer crystal that has problems I think) so I can readily kill any ogres that arrive. Also, when you have the stats (I think you might have the stats now) I recommend Lab Assault. You get tons of myths but also trans and sup like they're candy, and sometimes yo
  11. Got the Demoness skin so named my summoner Demoness :P
  12. You can win any map with EV + summoner + monk with good stats. Other towers are just for fun/show, but I wouldn't suggest making your summoner "the best" as they have a really slow rate of fire, range, and damage. Just give them enough HP to survive everything and some decent damage and then let your other toons get the best gear. Poons aren't just for show, they're needed in NM just as much as most other towers because of their pierce. Gas traps too, you'll need to keep sharken from moving your walls (unless you use minions as walls but I find my similiarly geared Squire's walls to be mu
  13. Ashelon, it's a name I have used for a while across different MMOs.
  14. Aquanos Insane HC is pretty good for leveling and loot I think, I saw a video where someone had like 900-1k in builder stats and he didn't even upgrade or use all of his DU and he still managed to AFK campaign (I think it was campaign anyway).
  15. Ok thanks, let me know if there are any problems :)
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